20 Abstinence For Pregnant Moms

20 Abstinence For Pregnant Moms – The development of the fetus in the womb is very susceptible to the effects that occur either generated from the derivative or the pattern of your life resulting in disruption to the development of the fetus.

Having a healthy baby is the hope of every pregnant woman, a variety of ways to keep your baby healthy. In fact, many traditions develop in pregnancy-related communities, a tradition that aims to keep the fetus for nine months until its birth.

Medically there may be some acceptable traditions even though most are still the development of medical research to find out the relationship between growing tradition and pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you are required to meet the nutritional intake as one of the supporters of fetal development during pregnancy. There is also a restriction on the consumption of some foods or lifestyle that will affect the health of the fetus.

Here are taboos for pregnant women associated with daily activities as well as certain foods :

20 Abstinence For Pregnant Moms

1. Raw Food

Raw foods derived from animals and vegetables have a high risk of causing health problems. Foods from raw fish such as sushi, half-cooked meat, and raw cookie dough contain more bacteria, viruses, and parasites that interfere with the development of your fetus. Especially if still young still susceptible to miscarriage. Raw vegetables such as raw sprouts have a higher bacterial risk than other vegetables. It is better you consume these foods with cooked cooking to avoid health risks. (Other Articles: Healthy food for young pregnant women)

2. Fish with Mercury Content

Generally sea fish is very good for health, including the health of your fetus. However, you must be selective because the type of fish that contains mercury is not good for your fetus. Fish that contain high mercury species are mackerel fish, swordfish, tilefish feared mercury content it will brain development and fetal nervous system.

3. Allergy-Driving Foods

If you, your spouse or other child have a history of allergies to certain types of foods, then the risk of allergies may be experienced by the fetus that you contain. Avoiding the type of food allergic triggers such as peanuts or other dairy products, whether during pregnancy or breastfeeding can reduce the risk of allergies in children.

4. Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages will inhibit the intake of nutrients to your fetus other than that the oxygen the fetus needs will falter. Alcohol affects the ability of the fetal brain so for those of you who consume alcohol when it contains a high risk in some infant disorders at birth including IQ and physical disorders.

5. Caffeine

Many studies linking caffeine with pregnancy. In normal circumstances not containing caffeine is not well consumed in excessive amounts every day as well as pregnancy because of the caffeine content contained in a cup of coffee, supplement drinks will result in the risk of miscarriage and babies born with low weight even in severe cases will resulting in death at birth.

6. Excessive calories

When you’re pregnant it does require extra calories but in sufficient quantities in the right portion. This is to avoid obesity problems for those of you who are pregnant. Pregnant women who are obese before and because of pregnancy will increase the risk of babies born with high body weight or diabetes risk. But that does not mean you can lose weight during pregnancy that inhibits nutrition for the fetus.

7. Wear tight clothes

Using a sweater will increase the risk especially in the abdomen that will interfere with the development of the fetus. For those of you who want to fashion a lot of maternity clothes that you can choose which you should know is the clothes do not have rubber in the stomach. This is done for your health and the fetus.

8. Smoking

Smoking habits that remain during pregnancy will cause the baby to be born with low birth weight. This situation is not good for the baby because it can cause children unable to learn in the future. Not only that, your child can be addicted to nicotine, even he will tend to smoke when he is still early.

9. Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized raw milk is not recommended for consumption by pregnant women. Pasteurization is done to eradicate bad bacteria by using hot temperature. If you are going to consume milk or dairy products, you should be more careful and careful. Notice the packaging, whether through pasteurization process or not. Unpasteurized milk poses a risk of listeria bacteria that increase the risk of miscarriage and serious illness.

10. Clean Cat Manure

Cat feces can be a habitat for harmful parasites for pregnant women. Parasitic infections can cause symptoms that may be initially unnoticed and felt by the mother. However, the possibility of pregnant women may have a miscarriage or a baby is born in a state of death. However, if the baby can be born safe, the parasitic infection will make the baby seizure or have the psychiatric illness.

11. Soak in Hot Water or Sauna

During pregnancy should the mother avoid the room or the environment with hot temperature? Based on the research, the risk of miscarriage experienced by the mother will increase to two-fold if the mother soaking in hot water or sauna at the first 3 months of pregnancy.

12. Taking Drug Without Any Instruction From Doctor

During pregnancy, the mother is advised not to take medication without the doctor’s instructions. Because the drug consumed by pregnant women can get into the placenta and fetal circulation in the womb.

Even some types of drugs known to be in secretion through breast milk (ASI), consequently the levels in the baby’s body circulation will be equal to the levels in the mother’s body. Where in certain conditions may pose a danger to the baby.

Certain medicines may be consumed by the mother during pregnancy or during breastfeeding if they are proven to be safe, safe for the pregnant mother or for the fetus being conceived. However, this type of harmful drug may affect pregnant women and the fetus they conceive.

Not all mothers know which drugs can be consumed and drugs that should not be consumed. So that not a few mothers who take medication carelessly even without any guidance from the doctor.

Because of that, before taking a certain type of drug or traditional medicine such as herbal medicine, you should consult with your doctor first to ensure safety. Do not easily believe in people who give opinions, because not everyone knows for sure.

13. Using High Heels Shoes

High heels are the shoes favored by the women because it makes the body look tall and beautiful lanky. However, during pregnancy high heels are not recommended. Because the use of high heels during pregnancy will cause the muscles in the waist area to stretch.

Because of that, pregnant women can complain of aches and aches in the waist area. This condition is caused because during pregnancy the woman will experience changes in body axis. The body will be more inclined towards the front and the pregnant mother will try to hold her body back, the way is by stretching the back and waist muscles.

So if pregnant women still use shoes with high heels, then the muscle stretch will increase in the back and waist because the mother’s burden is increasing, either from the womb or high heels that mother use. So consequently this situation will make the waist and the back of the mother experiencing aches and pains.

High heels used during pregnancy can also interfere with the balance of the mother’s body, especially if the pregnancy is getting bigger. Even the use of high heels will increase the risk of falling mothers and will certainly be very dangerous for the mother and the fetus is conceived.

If the mother falls, consequently the mother and pregnancy can experience trauma. Even the worse outcomes that a mother may experience is having a miscarriage or a fetal defect. For this reason, avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy for the convenience and safety of pregnant women, and the fetus is conceived.

14. Wearing Anti Mosquito Medication

Anti-mosquito medicines are considered most effective to prevent mosquitoes from biting. However, the use of mosquito coils during pregnancy is not justified. The reason, in the anti-mosquito repellent, contained active chemicals and included in the class of pesticides. These chemicals will cause side effects, one of which is to trigger the occurrence of nerve damage.

Even the sprayed mosquito coils contain kerosene which will trigger the occurrence of fetal kidney damage that is contained. As for the mosquito repellent in the form of lotions are applied on the skin containing corrosive. Where corrosive can be absorbed by the skin and become toxins in the body.

Knowing as such, the use of mosquito repellent during pregnancy, whether it is mosquito coils, electricity, spray, a lotion is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

To avoid mosquito bites, pregnant women can use bed nets in bed or attach the gauze to every ventilation of the house. To be more secure, the mother can use eucalyptus oil as an anti-mosquito repellent.

15. Doing Diet During Pregnancy

Diet is not recommended during pregnancy. In addition to endangering pregnant women, diets conducted during pregnancy can harm the embryo. When the mother is on a diet during pregnancy, the consequences will be lack of vitamins, minerals and other substances needed during pregnancy.

The mother’s abdominal condition will grow larger during pregnancy. Because like that, the diet is done no good at all, it will only be dangerous.

16. Passing the Bad Road

During this circulating assumption that pregnant women are prohibited from driving a car or motorcycle because it will affect pregnancy. The assumption is not true because that should not be pregnant women do not ride a motorcycle or car, but should not drive it by passing a bad road.

The reason will cause a shock in pregnancy itself. If the pregnant mother too often experiences shock, then the result will cause trauma in pregnancy. In addition, will cause the back muscles, waist, thighs, and abdomen pregnant women experience stretching so that the effect of pregnant women will be easy to experience fatigue.

If the mother is forced to go through a bad path, then reducing the speed can be done or finding a better way is the right choice. If the mother’s pregnancy is getting bigger or when the age of pregnancy 7 months and above should not mother drive a car when the mother’s belly getting bigger feared to interfere when mother riding steer, consequently mother feel uncomfortable.

17. Undertake Chemical Hair Treatment

During pregnancy, you should avoid chemical hair treatments such as rebounding, haircutting or hair color change by using hair dye. Because the chemicals contained in these hair care products can enter into the pores of the scalp, then into the bloodstream of the mother and will be very dangerous to the fetus is contained. So the consequences can increase the risk of the fetus is born with a defective condition.

In addition, the use of cream hair removers should be avoided during pregnancy. Cream hair removers contain chemicals that are easily absorbed by the skin, which will harm the fetus in the womb.

18. Skincare

Lotions and skin cleansers in which salicylic acid is contained should be avoided during pregnancy. The reason, if the mother uses in high doses can cause fetal defects.

Sunscreen with chemical protection containing avobenzone and oxybenzone will be easily absorbed by the skin. The use of this treatment product can affect the development of the fetus in the womb so that pregnant women should avoid using it.

Skin whitening products with hydroquinone content. These chemicals can affect the enzymes contained in the body and will retain the natural ingredients needed by the fetus in the womb. In addition, whitening products containing synthetic ingredients should be avoided because they can make the mother allergic.

Skin care products that contain parabens. Based on the study of these compounds can cause disruption of the baby’s reproductive system of men.

19. Acne Medication

Acne medication in which contained Retinol A has a function to exfoliate dead skin. Please note, the use of this type of acne drug in high doses can cause the development of the baby becomes inhibited.

Acne medicine in which contained Benzoyl Peroxide. These acne medications fall into the category of C. Research on acne medication has been done on animals, the results can cause adverse effects on the fetus. Nevertheless, there are no controlled studies in women.

Acne medications that contain hydrocortisone can cause the baby to be born with a defect, even the fetus in the womb may be poisoned.

Acne medicine in which contained. The use of acne medication is done by oral. Should avoid the use of this drug during pregnancy because it can cause the baby was born with a disability or increase the risk of developing birth defects fetus.

Acne medications used for facial treatments that contain salicylic acid can cause complications in pregnant women.

20. Manicure Pedicure

Beautiful and beautiful nails are every woman’s dream. To get a nail like those women are willing to perform various treatments, although they have to pay a small fee. Treatments that can be done to beautify and beautify the nails is by doing manicure and pedicure.

However, during pregnancy manicure and pedicure should be avoided. In certain nail polish contains phthalates. Where these chemicals can cause problems in the reproductive system.

Basecoat, top coat, and acetone are the ingredients of nail polish which if inhaled will affect pregnancy. Based on research states that many pregnancy health disorders occur, such as baby birth defects or dies experienced by salon workers who work while they are pregnant.

Such are some taboos for pregnant women. For the health of the mother and fetus, avoid any abstinence that has been described as above.

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