5 months pregnant is considered the most comfortable period. Why?

5 months pregnant is considered the most comfortable period. Why? – Pregnancy does become something very precious and very difficult to express in words. The reason, pregnancy to deliver us in a period where we have become a whole woman completely. Pregnancy and childbirth is a moment eagerly awaited by every married couple.

Speaking of pregnancy, of course, there is no limit on the topic about it. However, getting pregnant becomes a moment where a woman feels tired and also tired of conceiving her child. It is not surprising that every pregnant woman feels that her health condition is disturbed and unhealthy.

Apart from this it certainly becomes a condition where women who are pregnant can feel uncomfortable body condition. Especially when pregnancy starts entering the third trimester. However, the phase perceived by pregnant women is certainly different.

Not a few pregnant women who actually feel uncomfortable pregnancy when pregnancy is still in the first trimester. In this phase, many pregnant women feel nauseated and also vomit and take place daily. So, at what age does a woman feel comfortable?

5 months pregnant is considered the most comfortable period

Many people think that when the age of pregnancy entered the second trimester or about 4-6 months. This is the time that is most comfortable for every pregnant woman. Most pregnant women state that 5 months’ gestation is considered the most comfortable pregnancy age. Why does it happen? Let’s see our exposure below!

If at 4 months of pregnancy, we still feel nausea and also vomiting and an uncomfortable stomach condition. This is different when the gestational age starts at 5 months. At this age, of course, the body is able to adjust very well to the activities that occur in a mother’s abdomen.

The larger the abdomen is surely the more the activity of the fetus in the stomach. At the age of 5 months of pregnancy, you must have been able to enjoy small movements of the little one in the womb.

5 months of pregnancy is a phase where the state of the body and stomach begin to adjust. At this gestational age, of course, the mother has not felt nausea and also vomiting is quite heavy compared to previous gestational age. As to whether the growth of the fetus in the womb at the age of 5 months?

Fetal Growth Age 5 Months

The fetus at this age must have entered the age of 21 weeks where the fetal length is estimated to be about 21cm-22cm with a fetal weight of about 340-360 grams. At the age of 21 weeks, of course, the fetus is like a baby with a perfect body shape. The fetus will look ready to be born but still has a very small size.

At the age of 5 months, the pancreas organ matures, the eyes look more perfect and also the lips begin to form. However, on the eyeball and also the iris still need more pigment. On the eyebrows and also eyelids have begun to form perfectly. No wonder if in this phase, the baby’s body shape has begun to form very well.

At the age of 5 months, of course, the fetus is always experiencing growth and weight gain. At the age of 5 months, the fetus has begun to enter the age of 21-24 weeks wherein each week has begun to change. Fetal growth and development phase at the age of 5 months we will explain every week below!

Age 21 weeks

Age 21 weeks into the beginning of your fetus entering the age of 5 months pregnancy. At this age the fetus can already grow and develop as in the following:

– Fetal eyelids have begun to form perfectly

– The weight of the baby at 5 months is heavier than the placenta

– The vagina of the baby girl will continue to form and develop until the age of his birth

– The fetus is already moving, while the digestive organs are maturing

– The fetus has begun to get oxygen from the body of pregnant women through the placenta. Although the lungs are not functioning properly, the baby is already beginning to practice breathing to prepare himself outside the womb.

– The body of the fetus has begun to overgrown with fine hairs called lanugo and has a role that is good enough in keeping the baby’s temperature stay warm. This lanugo fur will disappear by itself before the fetus is born.

22 weeks old

At this age, the fetus has begun to grow quite rapidly compared with age 21 weeks. Development and growth of the baby began to be characterized by:

– Baby’s eyes that have begun to form perfectly

– Baby body that has been proportional, but still thinner than newborns

– Infant’s nails are grown at the fingertips

– Babies are able to swallow amniotic fluid and a sign that his digestion has started to improve and can be used as possible.

Age 23 weeks

When the fetus has entered the age of 23 weeks, growth and also the development of the fetus is characterized by:

– Improved hearing

– The fetus can already hear the sounds and also heartbeats inside your stomach including outside sounds such as dogs, TV, music and also conversations that occur outside the womb

Age 24 weeks

At the age of 24 weeks, the fetus has really experienced growth and near-perfect development. In this phase, the fetus has experienced several signs as follows:

– The baby’s brain is starting to develop rapidly

– Fingerprints have begun to form

– The lungs of the fetus have begun to grow quite well and form the branches of breathing

– At this age, the fetus has started to have fat despite having very weak skin and also thin

– At the age of 24 this week, the fetus has started measuring about 30 cm with a weight of 600 grams sector

– Despite being born prematurely, babies born at this age have a chance to survive because the internal organs and vital organs are already functioning well even though they are not yet perfect.

Changes That Happen To Your Body

The addition of weight and body shape is getting bigger, of course, be a sign that your pregnancy is progressing. At 5 months of pregnancy, the weight gain of a pregnant woman can reach 5kg-7kg. After that, the weight gain of a pregnant woman can range from 200-250 grams per week.

When nausea and vomiting are gone during pregnancy. This phase is certainly the most fun moment for pregnant women. In addition to the fetus that has not been too big, this gestational age is indeed the phase where the body of pregnant women has not experienced a significant increase.

The age of pregnancy does determine the comfort felt by every pregnant woman. However, 5 months’ gestation is the most comfortable and safest. Those are some facts you should know about 5 months pregnant is considered the most comfortable period. Maybe useful!