Baby Development 1 Month

Baby Development 1 Month – In the first baby’s 1-month development, of course, a mother must be careful with what the baby is doing during infancy. Physically, the baby will look clean longer and wrinkles will begin to disappear.

The bones of the feet and hands may still look crooked but the longer it will become more natural. Movements by infants in the development of a 1-month-old baby may include fists when we put our fingers into the baby’s hands, minor head movements, and so on.

Baby Development 1 Month

Baby Development 1 Month

It should be noted also the signals that the baby tried to give us, especially on the aspect of the voice and the baby’s gaze. As your baby gets older, the way they communicate is growing.

Baby Language Pattern

When we talk about the first month of development of babies trying to communicate with people around them, we can find that the most dominant thing that the baby can do is just to cry out.

Actually, the crying function can be interpreted into various meanings concerning what the baby is trying to utter to the people around her, especially on both parents. For you mothers, surely you have the better intuition to interpret the crying on the baby.

Usually, in the first few weeks, every mother who has had a baby before should be able to distinguish the type of crying baby and the meaning contained therein. When we look at the crying of a baby who is still in its infancy, we can find some messages that every baby wants to utter.

Before, let’s understand why the baby is crying. In general, the thing that is often the main reason baby crying is due to hunger factor. A mother should beth, as well as picture books, s because it is very important to always pay attention to the health of the baby without ever passing the breastfeeding on the baby.

Cries on the baby can also mean a sense of discomfort that is experienced either the baby hot or baby cold. Sometimes, crying can mean that the baby needs more attention just like the hugs and caresses from the parents. Read more about in reading: Understanding Baby’s Gestures

You as a parent of a baby should always pay attention to the communication needs of the baby. What is meant is, you should always try to talk to babies even if your baby has not fully understood your language.

The main reason for the importance of this communication interaction is certainly to stimulate the baby’s brain in order to capture a lot of vocabulary that later can be used as a mother tongue to communicate.

The methods you can apply also vary from directly speaking to or using other media such as cassette tapes, as well as picture books, can also be a great strategy to stimulate a more efficient 1-month baby development.

However, there are still many parents, especially mothers who are still awkward how they can implement a good communication strategy for their babies. Here are some tips that you can apply to facilitate your communication with your baby:

  1. Must be natural. I mean here you should communicate fairly. Avoid communicating because of the role demands as a parent. But usually, the parents are able to understand the nature of communicating with their baby because they have a foundation of love so that definitely all kinds of communication such as speech, caress, and others can be done naturally without any difficulty.
  2. The Discussion is Compulsory. For you especially a mother, talk to a baby as often as possible on any occasion. For example, when you are breastfeeding, you can inquire about your baby’s comfort.
  3. Sentence Limitations. Usually, avoiding long and complicated sentence patterns will help the baby respond more quickly to the conversation. What I mean is that you only need to use short sentences but rich in meaning and can also put a word to make your baby more perceptive in understanding.
  4. Empir abuse. The fatal mistake that people often do with their babies is too long to provide a pacifier for the baby. The fact is that babies who are too old to use a pacifier tend to have slower language development than others.

Additional messages for you especially mothers are about the fact that babies tend to have better affinity than fathers or other people. So the mothers tend to have the potential to develop better language skills. Make frequent physical contacts that will add closeness both in communication and inner.