Baby Development 11 Months

Baby Development 11 Months – Your babies will grow healthy and you will be the happiest mother to see your baby’s development from month to month. What will happen to the development of 11 months baby? Babies of this age will already practice getting out of themselves and they will usually tend to need friends to play and learn.

Babies will often mingle with other babies. Babies of this age are already practicing about the concept of sharing. What is this sharing concept? Babies who are playing with his friends will cool to play with his toys.

If any of your baby buddies really feel like playing one of your baby’s toys, then the baby you’ve learned to hand over toys to other babies and lend them or vice versa. But there are also babies who do not want their toys taken or borrowed because he thinks all his toys are his. Mother’s role is very important here to start incorporating sharing exercises and tolerating other babies.

Baby Development 11 Months

Baby Development 11 Months

You can invite him to discuss and give an understanding that your baby friends also want to play with your baby. In the development of baby 11 months, your babies have started to arrange and group their goods. Even your child is able to separate his things with the belongings of his parents or his brothers.

You can provide a basket of clothes in front of your baby and have your baby help you sort out his own clothes, mother’s clothes, father’s clothes and sister’s clothes. You can alleviate your work as well as member understanding of your baby will be his own goods.

In the development of baby 11 months, your baby can sit quietly and wait for you to read the story. Babies are very interested to see the various images and shapes and flip through the pages of the book. The baby will point to the image he has ever seen and seen in life. Babies also tend to be very curious.

The baby will usually insert his fingers into the hole of the book or even suck the passage of the book or insert it into his mouth. With lots of look at shapes and colors, your babies will start learning about many things. Mom can also teach your baby to love the book from her baby. There are some tips for mothers especially for babies age 11 months.


Mothers should take advantage of the time at night to start telling stories from a bedtime fairy tale book. Mothers train children to diligently read and know a few words so the baby will be easy to remember, concentrate and say a sentence.

Keep mothers start banning infants put things that are not food into the mouth because it will be bad for stomach health and other body health. Mother must be patient to train and accompany the child because all the development takes time.