Baby Development 12 months

Baby Development 12 months – Your baby is 12 months or 1 year old and you will usually celebrate this first birthday. Many things make you very proud to be a mother. You discover the magical things that really amaze you with your baby.

You can not stop watching your baby as long as you can still observe your child. The development of the 12-month-old baby is also very much. Mom will find new things done by her baby. At the age of 12 months, the baby has been able to recognize objects that he saw elsewhere.

For example, he has it at home, so he will easily recognize similar things when your baby walks with you in the shopping center. Age 12 months can be regarded as the end of the motor sensor stage in your baby.

Baby Development 12 months

Baby Development 12 months

Your baby will begin to skill not only from the various movements that are done but in terms of language and vocabulary to be said by the baby. The baby is also very agile in receiving information from his mother and he will soon imitate it.

Vocabulary in infants aged 12 months is still limited. Babies usually have not been able to express the emotions that he felt and the baby in the development of 12 months baby cannot also tell the closest people what he really wants. In training your child, the mother must also practice it.

The baby will see what his mother did. If the mother only trains without doing, then the baby will not feel the need to do what her mother did. In communicating and to train the baby to talk, the mother can use words that are easily remembered by the baby.

In addition to being shorter and easier to remember, the child can not say a complicated word so that by saying words easy, babies are more confident to communicate with parents or friends of his age.

Baby’s development 12 months, the baby can also start to decide a thing. The baby can already choose the clothes he wants to wear. Mother must understand and encourage the baby to be willing and able to decide what he wants.

At this age, the mother can also train the baby to start using both hands to use the clothes or hairpins that he wants. That way, the mother will be easy to train your baby independence.


At the age of 12 months, the baby will already actively say various words. Keep your baby growing on the spot with situations that support better baby development.

Do not use abusive or obscene words in front of your baby because the baby will tend to imitate. Do not do bad deeds as well as hitting or twisting a baby sister because this will make the baby feel frightened or imitate the same thing.