Baby Development 2 Months

Baby Development 2 Months – Babies are a very coveted thing a married couple because with the presence of a baby, complete the family already. In a 2-month infant’s development, the baby is able to identify the sounds they hear so often and therefore, the baby begins to become a good observer especially about the sound.

Among the many people, mothers are the closest to the baby even though there is their father because the mother is the person who most understands them by spending time together for so long.

Not all babies can easily be familiar with others and this is evidenced by their condition when embraced or muttered by others, except with their mother and consequently, the baby will cry when hugged by others, because the sensation that the baby gets is different from what is given their mother.

Baby Development 2 Months

Baby Development 2 Months

Babies experience growth from time to time and as they reach the infant’s development 2 months, development begins to look like more varied head movements, stronger and longer-lasting body movements. Although the baby is able to move their body, the mother also still need to provide protection by providing a cap on the baby’s body.

In addition to these movements, the baby is also able to perform variations of other movements such as fun to play their body that covers the mouth and fingers.

In a 2-month infant’s development, babies tend to want to hold whatever they can achieve and here the role of parents is needed to separate objects that are allowed and not to be held by babies considering that babies often insert objects they hold onto their mouths.


  1. The existence of the inner bond between parents especially with babies is very good which it actually has appeared since the baby is in the womb. When babies are 2 months old, babies eat only from their mother’s milk and that’s why babies feel what mothers feel, even though their mothers do not express it in words. The inner bond between mother and baby can occur when the mother looks at the baby and suddenly the baby responds with a smile or vice versa
  2. Because of the importance of parents’ influence on the development of a 2-month-old baby, positive stimulation of the parents is necessary to form a good person from the baby and the stimulation can be expressed in the form of a lovingly performed movement such as caresses, kisses.
  3. Parental supervision is highly demanded and when babies behave or show strange symptoms, parents need to be wary of who knows their child is suffering from diseases such as autism or hyperactivity.