Baby Development 3 Months

Baby Development 3 Months – Baby is the most beautiful gift we get from the Almighty. The early months after the birth of the baby are very beautiful and meaningful months. In the third month, the baby is already active and learns many things such as recognizing and distinguishing the face of his mother and father.

The development of the 3-month-old baby is very fast and he has started to observe the objects around him and began to want to touch the object. The baby also began to be more aware of the movement and the motion of baby reflex and then the habit of grasping hands have begun to disappear.

The baby has begun to move his hands to touch the objects and the development of his finger is also already rapid. At the age of 3 months, the baby was able to look and waved a little though not directed.

Baby Development 3 Months

Baby Development 3 Months

In the 3-month baby’s development phase, the baby needs to be watched more closely as he begins to insert the objects he reaches into his mouth. At the age of 3 months, the baby begins to listen to foreign voices and especially his own voice.

In this phase, baby toy objects can be given and should be selected toy objects made of rubber with a dull end. Choose also toys that are not dyed like paint and also select toys that can make a voice to train the baby’s ears. To stimulate the baby to be active, then the toy can be hung above the box bed.

In the development of 3 months baby, then the baby can be introduced to the outside world by taking it around the house only. In addition, the baby should also be played soft songs that can stimulate the development of his brain.

At the age of 3 months, the baby has learned to mumble and sounds like P, B, and M become his first murmur. Do not be surprised 3-month-old baby has started to call mama or papa though still not so clear. Infants at 3 months of age can already be invited to communicate and the way the baby communicates is by moving his hand movements.

He also was able to express joy, sadness, and laugh. A 3-month-old baby will grab whatever is offered to him and laugh happily as his legs kick. At the age of 3 months, the baby can wait for his mother to give what he wants other than that the baby also less often cry if hungry and just whining.


To give the baby a chance to develop an interest in the surroundings then hold the baby in a sitting position and the baby leaning on your chest. This will make the baby more free to explore the objects around him.

With a sitting in a sitting, the baby will also less likely to fuss and cry because he was exploring things. As a parent, you should also start learning to recognize your baby’s emotional characteristics. Observe his reaction when angry, laughing, and crying.

Practice the baby by playing a distinctive voice or teach him to perform simple movements such as applying a hand to shake hands. And if you’re already in the office, you can negotiate as much time as you can to keep breastfeeding and find someone you can trust to care for.

This seems the best fit is the grandma. When working, do not leave the baby totally because your baby needs to establish a special relationship with you so that he is not too tied to the person who cares for him during your work. Place also the baby in the baby’s bedroom with a variety of games that can help in the development of baby 3 months to the fullest.