Baby Development 4 Months

Baby Development 4 Months – The development of baby 4 months is fast and amazing. There are many new things your baby can do that is 4 months old and this should make you more attentive because he is more active.

The most rapid growth mark that occurs in a 4-month-old baby is the sound and the way he laughs. The baby will laugh more often and his voice will become clearer as well.

Meanwhile, the signs of the growth of infants aged 4 months the other are like the ability of the baby to pry. Your baby can get on his stomach and on his stomach, he will try to look forward to raising his head and shoulders with his hands resting on his back.

Baby Development 4 Months

Baby Development 4 Months

With the head up, the baby can see all directions and explore the objects around him. In addition, by relying on the hand, the baby also strengthens the muscles of his hands. After being able to explore the surroundings and find interesting objects, a 4-month-old baby can move away by rolling around.

This helps the motor to develop. Therefore, stimulating the baby aged 4 months to roll over by placing an interesting object beside him so that he would roll over. Applause if he can roll over and grab the object so he’ll do it again.

The development of 4-month baby can also be seen from the favorite baby holding objects and objects are sometimes separated again because the baby’s hands can not hold tightly.

In addition, infants aged 4 months also often enter whatever he holds into the mouth. This should be cautioned because not all objects are clean and germ-free. Give a lot of toys to the baby so that he is active and this will train all the muscles in his body.

In addition, parents should also be keen in recognizing the desires and emotions of the baby. A 4-month-old baby is able to communicate his desires more clearly and parents should be able to better understand the wishes and needs of the baby.

The baby will scream if his wish is not fulfilled. In addition, infants aged 4 months also can feel the emotions of parents. If you speak with a slightly higher tone then the baby will be silent beside that he has also recognized the expression of your face so if you show a sad face every time, then it will also affect his emotional state.

In addition, by bringing more children to joke, chat and play, then indirectly you shape his character. Each of your interactions with infants aged 4 months then it will affect the development of baby 4 months. Therefore, take advantage of this phase as well as possible so that your baby’s future become a person of good character.


You can teach many things in the 4-month baby’s development phase like learning to thrust a hand to shake hands and also waving. Keep an eye on every baby’s activities even including when he sleeps.

While sleeping 4-month-old baby can not calm down and even he can fall from the box of the crib, therefore, raise the door to sleep box when the baby sleeps so as not to fall Kelantan. To help with motor development, you can buy a variety of toys that sound to attract the baby to move to grab it and grasp.

In addition, the most exciting time for a 4-month-old baby is when she is bathed. A 4-month-old baby is happy to take a bath because he can splash in the water and make sounds and splashes.

Could be the baby will cry when you crawled him from the water because he is not satisfied to play water. We recommend that when the baby bathing, the mother must clean and do not be left once for a while even if it will be very dangerous for the baby.