Baby Development 5 Months

Baby Development 5 Months – At the age of the baby the fifth month then the more rapid development. The baby is more advanced to use all the fungi organ body. In the development of baby 5 months, the baby was able to make various sounds with tongue and lips.

The most commonly heard voice is the sound of clucking and murmuring, besides, a 5-month-old baby can also and begin to study the sounds around it and then imitate it. This is actually the baby’s mechanism to start its language skills. So you will often hear the baby mutter the same words or sound repeatedly.

At this stage of development, age is also a baby aged 5 months can start laughing. To stimulate the baby to laugh or make a sound with his mouth, try to make a response when your baby laughs or you make moves that can stimulate the baby to laugh. In addition, with early ability baby age 5 months can give a different voice when he is hungry or is being pooped.

Baby Development 5 Months

Baby Development 5 Months

In a baby’s development of 5 months, the baby will prefer to be placed in an upright position even though at first he will rest on his hands. We recommend that your 5-month-old baby cradle in a cushioned back or you lean against your body to make the baby sit fast and avoid a crooked back.

By the time your baby is 5 months of age, you can introduce a glass of drinking. Choose a glass that has two handles and is made of materials that are not sharp and not easily broken because your baby will often slam it or beat to the floor.

When teaching drink with a glass, it will be a lot of water that spilled, then you should give a sheet of cloth that absorbs water under the baby’s chin when he drinks.


Tips you can do on the development of a baby 5 months is to encourage and stimulate the growth and ability of the baby. This can be done by giving praise in the form of applause, kisses, or smiles when your baby rolls over, grabs things that are placed away from him, or does something he rarely does.

You can also introduce bright colors to it by providing a poster image with bright colors or use a striking medium for the baby’s visual ability to develop perfectly.