Baby Development 6 Months

Baby Development 6 Months – Baby is a very magical little creature. Every development is and often the main concern of parents. This becomes the most interesting to understand especially in new parents who are the first time to follow the development of his baby.

Every baby moment is the most precious to be understood and followed. Sometimes the new parents should have extensive knowledge, especially on the development of infants 6 months which is the beginning of adjustment for new parents will be the birth of a baby they really desire before. The following article may give you more details about the developmental details of the baby at that age.

If you have a baby less than 6 months of age, then the possibilities that are happening on the development of your small baby. In the development of infants 6 months, the baby will learn to maximize the function of his fingers well.

Baby Development 6 Months

Baby Development 6 Months

They will try to move with their organs of their hands to hold, identifying around them with both hands complete with their tiny fingers to grab something that is visible to their eyes and they will not hesitate to insert the objects into their mouths to help the identification process. In addition to taking they will also try to grasp, muck, move objects from one hand to the other.

Furthermore, their vision is also growing very well. They use their eyes to identify the people around him, even small or big objects around him.

In terms of language, the 6-month-old baby’s development also indicates if, at this age, the baby will produce words consisting of one consonant half and one vowel as in ‘ma’, ‘pa’, ‘no’, etc removed from his mouth in a rhythmic or rhythmic tone.


Can be concluded from the above description that in the development of infants 6 months, the baby is learning from around him with good use of his senses. They will explore well the circumstances that are still new to them.

in this case, the parent should well facilitate the development of his baby by providing a baby toy in accordance with the development of this baby 6 months. Parents can buy and also provide toys that are soft and safe to bite and also choose toys that sound to stimulate other senses.

Also, start doing the habit to read stories or fairy tales for your baby even though they do not fully understand the story that you read. The most important thing is the parents must provide a good stimulus for the motor is rough and also fine motor.