Baby’s 8 Month Development

Baby’s 8 Month Development – Now, your baby has entered the 8 month period that still makes you as parents still feel amazed and interesting to follow every second of its development. You may already know and recognize your baby’s character well.

But must be understood correctly by the parents that every month of your baby’s development is, of course, different and is a good process that you should pay close attention to. Knowing it well will allow you to understand and prepare yourself to be a good parent who follows the baby’s development for 8 months.

Stages of exploration on the development of baby 8 months still continue even more rapidly its development. If your baby has started to crawl, of course, will be followed by other developments that make you amazed at the development of the baby itself.

Baby's 8 Month Development

Baby’s 8 Month Development

They will start creeping on tables, chairs, couches, walls or various items that can be a hold for them to move well on two legs although sometimes they still fall. This makes the parents should be more alert.

Parents should be inspected throughout the contents of the house of objects that will give adverse effects on the limbs of the child like a bump-bump because of a collision. If this happens, of course, it will make your heart sadly absurd that sometimes makes parents decide to limit the space for the baby, which of course this is not a wise choice taken by parents.

Make all sorts of lumps and swabs that your baby gets as your encouragement that your baby grows and develops well. The role of parents here is just to facilitate children well without providing excessive protection that will disrupt the development of your own baby.


In the development of 8 months baby, you as a parent should not be surprised because at this age your baby is very understanding of the surrounding circumstances. They will understand the emotions of the people around him like his parents, his older siblings or the babysitter who keeps them daily.

You should be aware of this well. Do not make them feel lost something they should need. Love and security are the things they need most. Do not leave them secretly even though they do not seem to understand but they are very understanding. It is best to treat them as if they understand them. This is a wise way that parents should take for comfort together.