Baby’s 9 Month Development

Baby’s 9 Month Development – Having a baby becomes your own bliss and happiness. You will follow every month-by-month development. In the development of 9 months baby, you will get many changes to your baby. Babies with this age have started to become explorers.

The baby is already beginning to crawl and head to some point. Babies have begun to determine and approach the objects they want with their small steps. Babies are beginning to master some positions such as crawling, learning to sit and also learn to stand up.

Mothers should always keep an eye on every movement of the baby to keep the baby safe with everything he does. Mother also served to help complete the movement and help her climb the ladder or perform other movements.

Baby's 9 Month Development

Baby’s 9 Month Development

Your baby really wants to reach some places. Although he’s an explorer, your baby does not need shoes. You can buy shoes when your baby has started to go and run or even run to some point. In the development of baby 9 months, your baby has started can and sort goods.

You can collect some items in the box and then ask your baby to sort and search for the forms he likes. With exercises like this, the baby will be able to start practicing the shape of the goods.

In terms of developing baby language 9 months, you must have started to hear your babble. Your baby will start saying a few words. Usually, your baby will mimic the words you say to him. At this age, you can teach your baby to do something right and wrong.

If your baby does something harmful, you can begin to say no with a particular tone. If you allow you also have to say with a different tone. Your baby will understand and will not do what you do not allow.

Recalcitrant babies tend to try everything. You should not be too prohibited because this will make your baby is not creative. Look for an invite the baby to play an interactive game.


Giving enough sleep to the baby is very important for a mother. There are important tips for the mother, the mother should be careful in putting certain objects. Babies should not be brought close to dangerous objects. Do not leave him alone unattended. Keep your child away from the kitchen or stairs.

Kitchen and stairs are not a playground for your baby because there are many dangerous things. You should use a ladder cover so the baby cannot pass near the ladder easily. If you have to take your child to the kitchen, make sure you use a safe seat for the baby and give him a toy to keep the baby calm