Best Body Wrap After Pregnancy

Best Body Wrap After Pregnancy – For people who are trying hard to lose weight, maybe any way willing to be taken. One of the dietary trends that many tried, especially by the Eve, is wrapping the stomach with plastic wrap. Many say you can burn fat faster with this method.

However, is it true that wrap the stomach with plastic can make skinny? Furthermore, are there any dangers and risks to health? Let’s refer to the information about the plastic wrap for the following diet.

Best Body Wrap After Pregnancy

Best Body Wrap After Pregnancy

What is the plastic wrap for diet?

Wrapping the stomach using plastic is believed to be a way of detoxifying (disposing of toxins in the body) and burning fat especially in the abdominal and waist areas. The reason, when the belly wrapped in plastic, you will sweat more because your body temperature rose to very hot.

In fact, no successful research proves that the method of wrapping itself with plastic can trigger fat burning or detoxification processes. This method is very risky for health. Therefore, experts do not recommend how this diet to lose weight.

Remember, there is no quick and instant way to achieve ideal weight. The only key is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for example by watching the intake of nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest.

Does a plastic wrap with a plastic effectively lose weight?

No, how this diet cannot help you lose weight. You may lose a bit of weight after wrapping the stomach with plastic. However, your weight will go straight up again after you drink water.

Weight loss decreases only because your body loses a lot of fluid through sweat. Not because your fat has burned a lot. The body fat will not burn and quickly disappear if you do not turn it into energy. The only effective way to convert fat reserves to energy is to actively move, for example when you exercise.

How about detoxification process using plastic wrap?

Wrapping the stomach with plastic also will not speed up the detoxification process. The human body already has a special system to remove various types of toxic substances, namely through the kidneys and liver organ.

Well, the sweat produced during your tummy wrap is actually intended to control your body temperature so as not to overheat, not to get rid of toxins.

Sweat glands will send sweat to the skin surface. Then the sweat on the surface of the skin will evaporate into the air. This evaporation process will make the body feel cooler.

So, your sweat glands are not on duty to get rid of toxins. Kidney and liver organ responsible for removing toxins in the body, for example through urine and feces. Therefore, it is wrong if you think that sweating means you are “cleaning” the body of various harmful substances.

Danger of losing weight with plastic wrap can lead to death

In addition to not effective, lose weight with plastic is also harmful to the body. Even in one case in 1997, three professional wrestlers died trying to lose weight by plastic wrap. They wear special clothes that make the body sweat a lot.

With plastic wrap, the body temperature will rise high. Sweat glands also produce sweat, but the resulting sweat can not evaporate due to trapped plastic. As a result, the body temperature will not get colder. Even the body will even sweat to cool them.

Sweating too much will disrupt the fluid balance in the body. As a result, the volume of blood can be reduced to the body does not get enough oxygen intake. Losing too many fluids can lead to dehydration.

When it is dehydrated, the body can be limp, headache, confusion, and heart pounding. If not treated immediately, a person who is dehydrated may lose consciousness (fainting) and even died. Therefore, do not try this dangerous diet method to lose weight.

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