Best Calcium Supplement For Pregnancy

Best Calcium Supplement For Pregnancy – What are Calcium supplements for Pregnant Women? During pregnancy, taking calcium supplements for pregnant women plays an important role for the mother. Because at that time, the mother will lose bone density and vitamins and minerals are important because the body shares it with the fetus in the womb.

So what are the vitamin brands for pregnant women is good to use? Can I use a pregnant family genio supplement? What else is Calcium supplement for pregnant and lactating women? What is the price of each calcium supplement? See the answer below.

Best Calcium Supplement For Pregnancy

Best Calcium Supplement For Pregnancy

Brands Calcium Supplements for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mom

Health supplements rarely cause side effects, but not all are guaranteed to be suitable for pregnant women and lactating mothers. In order not to choose the wrong product, the following recommendations for calcium supplements for pregnant and lactating mothers can be considered.

1. Calcium Elkana Supplements for Pregnant Women

This product is a calcium supplement for pregnant women who have vitamins and calcium is complete enough for all circles. One strip contains ten Elkana tablets. This supplement can be purchased at pharmacies at Rp 9,600.00. Side effects caused by these drugs are mild allergies.

2. Vitamins of pregnant and lactating mothers – Cavit D3

These supplements are vitamin supplements for pregnant and breastfeeding women that are mixed specifically for bone density. This product is sold in pharmacies at Rp 20.000,00 per strip or per ten tablets. This supplement has no special side effects and is safe to consume regularly.

3. Orbital (Vitamin and Calcium Supreme for Pregnant Women)

For a vitamin brand choice for pregnant women rich in vitamins and high in calcium, choose Optical. This product is also equipped with good magnesium and phosphor to maintain bone and teeth strength. This brand has no possible side effects. The price per ten items is Rp 30.000,00.

4. Supplements of pregnant family genio

Another option is the pregnant family genio supplement. The advantages of this product are the addition of DHA and ARA, which is good for fetal brain development. The amount of calcium in this product is enough to maintain the bone health of the mother without side effects. The price of this product is Rp 6.000 / strip.

5. Calcium Softgel Supplement for Pregnant Women

This product includes vitamins for young pregnant women who are completely pure calcium content. The function of this supplement is to help the development of bone and fetal tissue. There are no side effects to the mother or baby after taking this product. The distributors sell this product for Rp 241,500.00 per one hundred soft capsules.

6. Hemobion Supplements

This one supplement has an additional content of iron and folic acid. Both of these substances work to increase blood cells and reduce the risk of disabled babies. Some side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, and headaches may occur. Hemobion sells for Rp 18.000,00 per strip.

7. Calcium Dumocalcin Supreme for Pregnant Women

This product contains calcium lactate, which serves to meet the needs of mother’s calcium. The price for one bottle of neurocalcin syrup is Rp 46,400.00. There is also a suction tablet with a price of Rp 6.700,00 per strip. This supplement is not recommended for pregnant women with a history of kidney stones.

8. Pro Kalk

Another option of supplements formulated to provide the amount of calcium according to the body’s needs is Pro Kalk. Per tablet can be purchased for Rp 3,200.00. Highly recommended for pregnant women and also breastfeeding. Adverse effects that may arise are constipation and nausea.

9. Supplements CDR

With a soluble tablet form, this supplement can be purchased at Rp 43.000,00 per tube. Calcium content is good for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Supplemental vitamin C also helps strengthen the immune system. Because it is made from soda, the side effects are nausea and indigestion.

10. Supreme Calcidin to meet the needs of Calcium Pregnant Women

If pregnant women need a large amount of calcium, Calcidin is the right supplement. Only, this product is not recommended for patients with kidney and tumor disorders. Possible side effects are constipation. Price per strip of Calcidin is Rp 7,700.00.

The calcium intake required by pregnant women is higher than that of women in general. To meet these needs, pregnant women need additional supplements in addition to calcium-rich foods. Each product contains a different amount of calcium and is sometimes supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

After considering the ingredients, purchase one of the recommended calcium supplement products for pregnant and breastfeeding women as the best choice. If still in doubt, consult your doctor first.