Best Mattress For Pregnancy

Best Mattress For Pregnancy – It has become common that mothers who are pregnant or pregnant women will have difficulty during sleep, both in the first semester of pregnancy, the second semester and in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Tri First and Second Semester Pregnancy

Pregnant women will feel the condition of the body that is uncomfortable and awry because there are hormonal changes that exist in the mother’s body, there are circumstances or small things that make nausea so there is no craving to eat for fear of being sick to the stomach. Mothers who are pregnant for the first time will experience difficulty sleeping which is generally caused by feelings of pleasure.

Best Mattress For Pregnancy

Best Mattress For Pregnancy

But there is also the difficulty of sleeping mothers because of anxiety and anxiety that something happened to the condition in her womb that now there is a future baby who will be born at 9 months of pregnancy. So generally pregnant women aged in the first semester will tend to lose weight. But a lot of mothers are also ignorant and feel the usual course so that sleep does not have trouble.

In the second semester, pregnant women will experience a more stable condition and feel more organized because no longer experiencing nausea and can eat a favorite food, can make the program a good sleep patterns and healthy for himself and can overcome the difficulty of sleep, such as begin to create or create a relaxed atmosphere in his private room so that he can sleep soundly, comfortably and feel safe.

Familiarize by being able to take a nap, because nap helps mothers who are pregnant to recover energy or divide the energy owned to be able to move all day. With a nap can also help pregnant women to sleep soundly at night sleep.

Tri Third Semester

In this third trimester, pregnant women are more likely to sleep difficulties resulting from the mother’s abdominal shape that has begun to grow so that it can not sleep freely.

If the mother has trouble sleeping in the third trimester it is better to do the following things: drink a glass of warm milk because it contains tryptophan amino acids that can increase serotonin in the brain that can help pregnant women to sleep soundly.

Familiarize when going to sleep do not eat too much because in addition to helping reduce the level of acidity in the stomach which tend to increase in the morning and can be nauseous.

Creating a comfortable and relaxed sleeping atmosphere in a private bedroom and designing comfortable sleeping ways such as positioning the head higher than the stomach, creating a comfortable and healthy air circulation so that will tend to have a healthy sleep pattern until the time of delivery.