childbirth normal delivery

childbirth normal delivery – Stitches in the process of childbirth are usually caused by a tear that occurs in the area of femininity. Rips or cuts according to medical terms are called episiotomies, ie cuts done to dilute the process of the baby’s birth canal. Although most doctors will give local anesthesia to relieve the pain you can minimize the occurrence of episiotomy.

Tips for Childbirth Normal

Tips for Childbirth Normal

Here are normal birth tips without sutures:

1. Prepare for delivery

The first thing you should do is make yourself sure that the delivery process will work well. Your ability to undergo a normal process is one of the initial capital to enter a normal, non-suturing childbirth. As for several ways such as massaging premium which generally done in the final months of the third trimester or those who train with the process of Kegel exercises aimed at training the muscles in the hole spending.

2. Choose a place

Site selection is one of the factors to get a normal delivery process without sutures, even if all return to your health condition and the fetus but comfortable place help can make you relax and have a good delivery.

Choose a place that allows you to move freely such as a bed that is not too narrow and interfere with labor, the atmosphere is too crowded will make you not relax and trigger excessive anxiety that resulted in disruption of labor. (Other interesting articles: Childbirth Video)

3. Avoid excessive fatigue near labor

One occurrence of episiotomy is the presence of disorders in pregnant women, the disorder is either mild or severe. Mild disorders such as fatigue are one reason for cutting or tearing (episiotomy) and therefore avoid excessive activity as you enter the final month of pregnancy, approaching your delivery.

Use enough rest time by keeping the intake of nutrients with foods that contain calories for extra energy before delivery.

4. Make light movements to train muscles

Mild movements commonly done in the last trimester is by doing the movement of the head, forehead, and nose so that it touches the floor as well as hands, knees, and toes that come touch the floor.

This helps your baby enter the best position and encourages the baby to minimize the breached state at birth. You can also manage other positions like doing home activities and also be running as much as you can. When you do a squat position you should use the aid by holding on to the strong object next to you.

5. Using aromatherapy to make you relax

For those of you who do massage perineum with oils such as olive oil or flower oil (aromatherapy) to help muscle stretching can create a more comfortable atmosphere and provide peace of approaching childbirth.

Tranquility is needed because it can help you to get a normal birth process, as well as for you who want to minimize stitches in your labor process.

6. Avocados and olive oil for stretching help the delivery process

You can consume avocado and olive oil to help stretch your skin from the inside. Consumption of raspberry leaf tea also during the last 2 trimesters of cups every day will make the labor process as it helps the contraction be more productive.

7. Try not to lift the buttocks

Lifting the buttocks (buttocks) during labor will result in a wider rupture of the baby’s birth canal. This is because if your butt is lifted, the absence of a buffer will cause the muscles easily torn.