Childbirth Normal: Tips Eliminate Pain

Childbirth Normal: Tips Eliminate Pain – Normal birth is a cultivation process coveted by mothers undergoing pregnancy. In addition, normal birth is also the birth process suggested by the medical world. By undergoing a normal delivery, one indicates that the pregnancy has been conceived, or the fetus and mother are experiencing good health.

The experience of being a mother feels perfect when you feel how the heavy struggles that must pass through the process of normal labor. But behind all that, many pregnant women feel the fear or fear before childbirth.

Naturally, because the process of childbirth is a major process that must be passed by pregnant women. Power, mind to mental mother deployed to through the process of delivering safely. One of the factors that causes fear or fear when facing labor, is the shadow of pain that will befall pregnant women when they have a normal labor.

Can not be denied, it is normal birth will cause pain for mothers. However, the pain in pregnant women’s mothers will be different levels, some actually feel tremendous pain, but many pain is felt only a moment.

Of course, this is a lot of factors. starting from the experience of giving birth, the size and weight of the baby, support (husband, family), birth technique, even from medical help from the doctor or midwife itself, etc.

To help pregnant women get through the process of childbirth without being tormented by tremendous pain, here are some tips that can be used so that the pain during childbirth can be reduced or even lost.

Pray to God

Everything in this life is surely the one who regulates God’s God. Only He can determine everything that is on this earth, including in the process of giving birth that will pass mother. So pray and dhokla is to him so that the normal birth process that will pass through the mother can run smoothly and of course the safety of mother and infant mother.

Trust and believe

Eliminate any form of the shadow or thought that giving birth is a painful process. If the condition of the pain haunts the mother, then the birth process will undoubtedly be sick.

But put it in the minds and minds of mothers, that childbirth is not a painful process, but a natural process that must go through, and millions of mothers on earth have gone through this process safely, and they can.

Trust to yourself that childbirth is not painful, it will help the psychological mother, help confidence in the face of the process of normal childbirth.

Do the Small Streets

When the contractions have not peaked, and according to the medical mother still have time before giving birth, take advantage of this time with a small and leisurely walk around the delivery room. This can help mothers to accelerate and facilitate labor

Relaxing Bidding Childbirth

Tense before the birth process, will actually make the mother’s muscles will be stiff. If this condition occurs, then the birth process will be painful. The process of childbirth requires flexible muscles, especially around the hips, thighs, abdomen.

Because there will be great muscle stretching during the delivery process. Therefore relax before the birth will make your muscles supple, in addition to the mother’s mind will feel calm.

Support Husband and Family

Childbirth is a big process that must be passed through the mother. It takes a lot of support to get through it to run safely and smoothly. Husband and family support will make mothers more motivated.

Even the sincere love of a husband who gushed when gently massaging the mother’s back, fixing the position of the mother’s pillow, or wiping the mother’s sweat would be a tremendous magical power for the mother. Missing the pain during childbirth, when the mother feels how sincere and love her husband to the mother.

Regarding the roles and support of anything that can the husband do during childbirth, more can be read in: The Role of Husband During Birth Process.

Use the Right Respiratory Technique

During the birthing process requires a lot of energy. If the mother can not manage the labor during labor, then the birth will take so long and will surely torture the mother.

One technique that mom can use to regulate this energy is to regulate the breathing technique during childbirth. Using the correct breathing technique, it can also help regulate energy, also regulates oxygen supply, helps relax, and helps when pushing and pushing and a positive response to contractions.

Central Point of Attention

Bring something from your home that can be the center of attention during childbirth, such as family photos or other fun things. This can help mothers feel comfortable during the delivery process.

You can also hear peaceful music that can reassure you. Setting Point The center of attention can also be done by the mother to imagine how funny baby will be born someday.

Know the Process of Delivery and Proper Maternity Technique

By knowing the delivery process that must be passed, the mother will be ready and well prepare for the process of giving birth. Mothers who are ready psychologically very helpful and accelerate the process of childbirth. A fast delivery process will certainly give birth as an experience that is not painful.

In addition to knowing the process of normal childbirth well, using proper birthing techniques will also help mothers reduce pain that occurs.

By knowing the technique of childbirth, the delivery process will certainly run quickly and reduce the pain in the mother. One of the techniques of childbirth is pushing and straining. Learn more about this: Mengejan dan Push For Labor

Using simulation to accelerate the delivery process will certainly help mothers through the process of childbirth quickly. There are many drugs that can be used, but in this case, of course, the medical team will determine based on ongoing childbirth conditions.

Mother can not necessarily ask for a stimulant drug given to the doctor so that the delivery process can run quickly. Another alternative is with natural stimulation. One of the natural stimulation that can accelerate the process of labor is the stimulation of the mother’s nipple.