Clothes To Hide Pregnancy

Clothes To Hide Pregnancy – When pregnant women are not confident with a bulging body shape. The only solution with these tips is disguise pregnancy.

Throughout the pregnancy, there is a major change in body shape in the chest, waist, abdomen, and buttocks. This change actually adds to the beauty of the female body shape, though you still need to look at how to dress during pregnancy.

Believe that pregnancy is sexy. So you do not need to always wear a shirt or pants to cover it. Occasional show of pregnancy shows how happy you have the opportunity to become a mother-to-be.

Clothes To Hide Pregnancy

Clothes To Hide Pregnancy

Tamara Marcello, designer Sun Songs, and Circus said, to get around the big-looking body, not by wearing a wide-spun suit, but by choosing a simple detail.

For example, plain material motifs, not many folds, and piles on the material do not wear wide lace, not large buttons, and collar should be medium-sized. Here are some signs of dress during pregnancy:

The first step to select V-shaped neck clothes for the sake of creating a long neck effect while making your appearance more slender. The circular neck will give a short impression of the neck and chest.

And then for the boss, choose the length to cover the waist to give the impression of direct and high. Blouses whose length is only limited to the stomach will cause a short impression.

Then select a dress with a fitting size, not too big too not too tight. A large shirt makes you look less chic or look like you’re wearing a dressing at home.

While the clothes are too tight, though no direct impact on the fetus, makes you feel tight and uncomfortable. Avoid also wear tight pants because prone to cause whiteness. Dr. Triana Ismelia F, SpOg representative of RSIA Hermina Ciputat said whitish pregnancy invites infections and causes premature birth.

Step take advantage of Aline pieces if the pelvis and buttocks including the large-sized mother.

And Siasati with motifs of vertical lines or small motifs if you want to keep wearing a patterned outfit. Avoid horizontal line motifs for wide-bodied or circular lines and large flowers all over the body. Such motifs will only add fat and big effects on the body. For the slender body, any motive is free to use.

As for the arm, avoid balloon pieces that bubble big. Select arm detail because it gives the impression of slim and comfortable to use. Or use a comfortable sleeveless shirt. For accents when traveling, just wear a cardigan.

Then the choice of materials, choose a volume and fall on the body like a cotton or a rather thick T-shirt. Materials that volume make certain parts just look great. Like a stomach that actually adds sexy impression.

Try and avoid materials that are rigid, shiny, and rough because it makes the appearance of heavy impression and uncomfortable.

What color matches the color selection, if desired is the impression of sleek and elegant, then choose black and dark blue. Another option is a soft or bright colored material that can be combined to create a fresh, chic, and cheerful impression. So, the choice of colors for maternity clothes during the style is plain, actually free.

Now do not be afraid any more ladies fashion model for pregnant women have many options as desired ladies and can disguise pregnancy.