Comfortable Sandals For Pregnancy

Comfortable Sandals For Pregnancy – Take a look at 6 tips on choosing shoes & slippers for your health. Pregnant women often experience problems when wearing an incorrect footwear. Wearing high heels, for example, a risk for pregnant women who have started to experience swelling of the legs. While using flip-flops is also not recommended.

According to a survey in the UK, 7 out of 10 expectant mothers admitted that they had problems with their legs during pregnancy, such as their ankle swelling (37 percent), swollen legs (45 percent), and heel & heel pain percent) for wearing flat shoes, flip-flops, high heels & Ugg boots.

Wearing high heels can also alter posture, shortening the calf muscles & increasing the pressure on the back and knees. Meanwhile, flip-flops can increase the activity of the muscles in the front of the shin because the toes try to pinch the sandals so that the sandals do not loose.

Comfortable Sandals For Pregnancy

Comfortable Sandals For Pregnancy

In order for Mother to feel safe and comfortable, try to consider 6 tips to choose shoes & sandals for pregnant women before the health of the mother is disturbed and the pregnancy so uncomfortable.

Size of Sandals & Shoes Right

Choose footwear that does not burden your legs in maintaining the balance of the body. Therefore ideally high footwear rights, either sandals or shoes, for pregnant women is 1-2 cm.

Nevertheless, footwear with a 3 cm height can still be tolerated as long as it is not sharp in shape, but wide & thick so that it can support your feet evenly, for example like wedges model.

Tall footwear 3 cm can be a better choice because it can move your weight slightly to the front of the foot. Pregnant women can also choose a model of footwear such as loafer, the sneaker with a secure heel height.

The Right Material

Choose footwear made from natural materials, such as leather or canvas so that the foot can remain ‘breathe’.

Rubber Soles

Choose sandals or shoes with rubber soles, it aims to not slippery footwear, thereby reducing your risk of slipping.

Simple Models

Choose a footwear that is a simple model, such as that is not rope because you will have difficulty tying it, especially when the stomach grows larger.

The Size of the Footwear

Use footwear that is not too narrow or too loose, to have room for the toes to move freely. Avoid wearing a pointed footwear that is slightly pointy, because your toes will be squashed.

New Number

At the end of the pregnancy usually, your palms and ankles will swell so the size of your feet become larger 1 to 2 numbers. So, do not ever feel the loss to buy shoes with the new size, just 1-2 pairs only. See also: 6 Maternity Gear That Must Have Mother.

Well, that’s 6 tips to choose shoes & slippers, pregnant women, to keep you comfortable and ensure safety during activity also minimize the risk of harm, both for the mother and the fetus is conceived.