Cream For Nipples During Pregnancy

Cream For Nipples During Pregnancy – Nipple Cream Nipple Cream is safe for both mother and baby. The following Cream Products Nipple Injuries and abrasions that got good reviews from the mother whose nipples were injured and abrasions during breastfeeding.

The first step to prevent problems in the feeding process is in the correct position during breastfeeding. The occurrence of nipple blisters at the beginning of breastfeeding is generally caused by one or both of the following: improper positioning and attachment of infants while breastfeeding, or the baby does not suck properly

Nonetheless, the baby can learn to suck the breast well when it is properly attached to the feed (they will learn by themselves). Thus, the problematic sucking process is often caused by poor attachment.

Cream For Nipples During Pregnancy

Cream For Nipples During Pregnancy

In addition, fungal infections that occur in the nipple (caused by Candida Albicans) can also cause sore nipples. If the cause is an inadequate baby attachment process then as the baby learns to breastfeed properly then the scuffed nipple is quickly overcome, but if the cause is due to a yeast infection it takes a longer time for the healing process.

Nipple Creams Breast Injuries When Breastfeeding
Medela Purelan 7gram Rp. 125,000 * 37 grams = Rp 175,000

Medela Purelan

Medela Purelan

Made of 100% pure Lanolin, with no additives and preservatives, helps moisturize sore nipples and dry skin during pregnancy and illness.


No need to wipe while nursing because it is not dangerous if the swallowed baby. Also safe to use in infants when the baby has dry skin, chapped lips, and a dry nose for the sustained flu (a runny nose).

Lanolin is a natural ingredient derived from sheep’s shave oil, inshallah halal. (for those who have talent Allergies better at the consul first to the doctor or try a little bit in the first rub on the wrist and wait whether there is a reaction or save up to 30-60 minutes)

How to Use: * Wash your hands before using a purple * After breastfeeding brush around the nipple and areola. Allow to dry * Then use purles. * No need to be cleaned before breastfeeding again.

Nipple Creams Breast Injuries When Breastfeeding
Pigeon Nipple Care Cream fill 50 gram Rp.195.000

Pigeon Nipple Care Cream

Pigeon Nipple Care Cream

Pigeon-nipple-care-cream b Pigeon Nipple Care Cream is a cream to prevent and cure nipples that experience drought and cracked. At the beginning of breastfeeding can be an injured nipple caused by the process of attachment of the infant’s tongue is less than perfect. Especially new mothers who have not experienced breastfeeding.

The condition of the sore nipple will result in the decreased spirit of breastfeeding. A weak physical condition and a poor breastfeeding impulse will affect the baby. Prevent this as soon as possible by doing nipple and breast treatment. Pigeon began to complement products related to breastfeeding one of Pigeon Nipple Care Cream creams.

Formulated from hypoallergenic material and made from natural ingredients with 100% pure lanolin. Lanolin is known as wool fat or wool oil obtained from the wool extract. Lanolin is a good moisturizing agent and halal. Pigeon Nipple Care Cream contains no perfumes and preservatives.

Safe for mother and baby. At the time of the nipple smeared Pigeon Nipple Care Cream, the mother does not need to clean it when will breastfeed. Because Pigeon Nipple Care Cream is the safe swallowed baby. This cream can also to moisturize the skin of a crybaby and a rash.


Medela Contact Nipple Shield Rp. 195.000 Order / Message here
Choose your size S / M OR L measure the diameter of your nipple, then select the size. (S = 16 mm, M = 20 mm, and L = 24 mm)

Medela Contact Nipple Shield

Medela Contact Nipple Shield

Prevent And Solution Putting Troubled Breast Injuries During Breastfeeding Contact nipple shield or nipple protector can be worn while on the condition of nipples that are scuffed or cracked. It can also function as a nipple when the nipple conditions are flat or inverted. Features of contact nipple shield Medela:

  • Having a special contour allows maximum contact between mother and baby
  • Made of soft silicone material and ultra-thin, odorless and tasteless.
  • Included a practical box so that the nipple shield can be carried in a hygienic state
  • Choose your size S / M OR L measure your nipple diameter, then select the size. (S = 16 mm, M = 20 mm, and L = 24 mm)

Some conditions that require contact nipple shield as an alternative solution:

  1. Premature infants are generally weak in breastfeeding activities. Nipple connector will facilitate the baby in the process of feeding because the long size is easy to suck. At the front, there is a sort of container while breastmilk so that if there is a pause when suckling the process will be faster and easier. When the baby has started to fill and the weight is normal then nipple shields are not needed anymore.
  2. Mother with a nipple upside down or flat. This condition will make it difficult for the baby to suckle and what happens the baby may withdraw, cry, or just fall asleep. Nipple shields will give a deep sensation inside the mouth that stimulates the baby to suck. As the milk begins to flow, the baby finds that nursing works! and over time, the mother’s nipple becomes more supple, and the shield is no longer needed to trigger a sucking reflex.
  3. When babies have often used bottles and are reluctant to suck directly from the breast. The nipple connector is similar to a bottle nipple so it can be used to coax babies who are reluctant to accept breasts. Try this trick when the baby is not very hungry and full breast mother. Squirt a little milk on a shield (smeared). Droplets of milk to the tip of the baby’s mouth to stimulate it. Some babies only need a few sessions with nipple shields to return to full feed. In other cases, the Baby may require more practice, or be used at the onset of breastfeeding alone. The use of bottles can be reduced or stopped when the baby is comfortable with breastfeeding.


Medela Nipple Shield

Medela Nipple Shield

Pigeon nipple shield made of soft silicone material. The protruding nipple hole design and the silicone attachment to the mother’s skin making it easy for the baby to suckle so the baby feels the same as when feeding skin to skin with the mother.

The functions of nipple shield include: – Used typing nipple mother irritated, sore nipples and cracked. – Can also be used as a nipple in the case of the less advanced nipple. – As a therapy when babies get confused nipples. Size of diameter of nipple hole 13mm

Avent Nipple Protector BPA Free sizes: 20mm (Nipple Size)
Price Rp 190.000 

Avent Nipple Protector is a protective nipple injured and cracked. With a soft shape, thin and has no taste and no smell makes the baby still feel comfortable sucking though not touching the nipples directly. Made of elastic silicone material so easy to use.

The shape is designed so that the baby is easy to suck and still feel the sensation of touching and feeling the mother’s skin. And make it easy to re-adapt when we do not use this nipple protector. Fill a pair (2pcs) with normal/standard size