Development of Fetus Age 4 Months

Development of Fetus Age 4 Months – The retina, the cornea, the iris (the rainbow lining), and the eyepiece can already function. The fetus winks and is sensitive to light. Fetal growth is supported by the placenta, which connects between mother and fetus in terms of food, removal of metabolic waste, and filtering out harmful substances. The skin, muscles, and limbs have formed and are in position.

This week, the fetus has been able to feel the heartbeat of his mother. The baby’s length is about 7.5cm with the trachea, lungs, stomach, liver, pancreas, and intestine evolving to the last function. The vocal cords begin to form, and the tooth bud comes with 20 baby teeth. this week the fingers and the soles of the feet begin to appear.

Fetal Development Week 14th

The fetal ear occupies a normal position on the left and right side of the head. Similarly, the eye leads to its true position. The neck continues to elongate while the chin no longer blends into the chest. While the external genitalia also develops more real, so that this week the baby’s sex organs can be differentiated between men and women.

The fetal heart rate beats strongly (the heartbeat is almost 2 times faster than you) and you can listen to it during your examination with your doctor. because it has responded to the world outside the womb of the mother, the fetus may move when you rub the stomach, but maybe you still can not feel it.

Fetal Development Week 15th

The baby has started listening to his mother, listening to your heart rate, abdominal voice, and also your voice. Now the baby has started to have hair on his head, also eyelashes and eyebrows. size is now about 114 grams with a length of about 15 cm. Pregnancy is more visible, to the convenience of the mother and fetus, it is recommended to start wearing maternity clothes.

Therefore, the skin and muscles, especially around the abdomen will be stretched because of extraordinary stretching to accommodate uterine enlargement. Strain lines called striae generally appear in the abdominal area, breast, buttocks, and pelvis.

Fetal Development Week 16th

The length of the fetus increases very quickly and movements are stronger. Mothers can feel the movements of the fetus by touching the stomach. Fine hair grows all over the surface of the fetal body, called lanugo. The placenta is fully formed and functional.

The length of the fetus is currently 16 cm and weighs 135 grams. If you do an ultrasound at this time you may be able to know the sex. Fetal muscle has grown and become strong. The movement is more active. He had started sucking his thumb, yawning, stretching his body, swallowing urine, and hiccups. In this week if a bright light is placed in your stomach, the baby will move his hand toward his eyes.

The fetal digestive system began to perform its functions. Within 24 hours the fetus swallows amniotic fluid about 450-500 ml. The liver that works to form blood, metabolism hemoglobin and bilirubin, then turn it into biliverdin which is channeled to the intestine as a material of metabolic waste.