Development of Fetus Age 6 Months

Development of Fetus Age 6 Months – The development of the fetus is still very small. The lines are visible in the palm of his hand and the tips of his fingers. The auditory system began to develop even though not fully functional. The process of bone formation continues so that the fetal bones become stronger.

The length of the fetus is 33 cm and weighs 570 grams. The fetus can not move freely because the whole room in the womb is filled / full. The fetus will be the natural curled position, with the hands in front of the chin and feet in front of the chest.

Although the organ system is not fully functional yet the fetus is able to hear voices from outside, and be able to feel what the mother feels. When a mother feels stressful, anxious, upset or happy, the fetus will feel the same.

This condition is caused by the adrenal hormones produced by the mother can penetrate the placenta so that it affects the baby’s emotional condition. The mother can feel different parts of the fetal body by touching the wall of her stomach. The mother’s uterine muscle stretches and sometimes the mother feels pain in the abdomen.

Fetal Development Week 21st

In this week, various organ systems have maturation function and development. With a growing belly and disturbed body balance, it’s not the time to do a contact sport that is likely to fall big. Also, avoid stretching sports or being competitive. You will feel more fetal movement now because the baby is more active.

Fetal Development Week 22nd

The fetus starts to become aware of its surroundings and the fetus will feel at ease when listening to your voice and your touch in the stomach. Fetus body begins to process white blood cells. this is important for the fetus in fighting disease and infection.

At this age also the eyelid began to function to protect the eyes with the movement to close and open. The heart of the fetus that forms in the 5th week also undergoes a “modification” in such a way and begins to perform its function of pumping blood in preparation for later on into the world.

Fetal Development Week 23rd

The length is about 23 cm. Now the size of his head is in accordance with his body. Currently, the fetus looks just like it will be born, but smaller and thinner. You can listen to your baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope (put the stethoscope right on the stomach). Brain growth is very fast nowadays.

Her skin still looks wrinkled because the fat content under her skin is not as much as she was born someday. But his face and body as a whole are very similar to his appearance when born later. It’s just that lanugo hair that covers his entire body sometimes darker in this pregnancy.

Fetal Development Week 24th

The fetal hearing is perfectly formed. The fetus will move with the sound of music from outside. Likewise, he will show a typical response when hearing noisy voices or shouts that he did not like. The fetus forms a pattern of when to sleep and when awake. You will feel when the fetus moves on, and when it pauses. Her eyelids are more perfectly equipped with eyelashes