Development of Fetus Age 7 Months

Development of Fetus Age 7 Months – Fat begins to accumulate, and a fatty substance called vernix covers the skin of the fetus, so the fetus does not get wet in the amniotic fluid and the body feels warm.

Fetal brain function has begun to develop very rapidly. The surface of the brain becomes wrinkled, which is useful for further development.

About five days after the shrinking process begins, the nerve cells will be coated by a layer of fat that makes the delivery of stimuli from the nerve endings of nerve cells quicker, easier and more efficient. Keep in mind, the human brain will experience a golden age when the fetus is 7 months in the womb until the age of 5 years.

Fetal Development Week 25th

The weight of the fetus now reaches about 700 grams with a length from the top of the head to the butt of approximately 22 cm. While the distance from the top of the uterus to the symphysis pubis about 25 cm.

If there are medical indications, it will generally be done a weekly ultrasound twice a week to see if the development of the fetus is disturbed or not. Which include medical indications including hypertension or preeclampsia.

Fetal Development Week 26th

Capillary blood vessels under the fetal skin tissue begin to blood. The skin surface that had been wrinkled slowly became more smooth and slippery. The eyes are perfectly formed. So is the ear that has been able to listen. The fetal head becomes smaller than the body (the head is proportional to body size).

At this age, the estimated fetus weighs nearly 850 grams with the length of the buttocks and the crown of the head about 23 cm. The heartbeat is clearly audible, normally 120-160 beats per minute.

While discomfort in the form of complaints of back pain, leg cramps and headaches will be more often felt the mother. So does complaints of pain under the ribs and lower abdomen, especially when the baby moves.

Because the uterus so the greater that will put pressure on all the organs of the body. Includes small intestine, bladder, and rectum. Not infrequently pregnant women become exposed to constipation but forced back and forth to the bathroom because of beer.

Fetal Development Week 27th

Her eyes were open and looked around her for the first time. The fetus looks like breathing but actually, the fetus takes water instead of air. This is a good exercise for his lungs.

The fetus now weighs over 1000 grams. The total length reaches 34 cm with the length of the buttock to the top of the head about 24 cm. In this week the eyelids begin to open. While the retina is at the back of the eye, forming layers that function to receive light and information about the lighting as well as forward it to the brain.

Fetal Development Week 28th

The male baby testis will descend into the scrotum sac. Brain tissue develops. Now your fetus can dream. The top of the uterus is approximately 8 cm above the navel. Fetal movement is getting stronger with increasing intensity, while the heartbeat is more easily heard.

His body still looks thin despite reaching a weight of about 1100 grams with a long range of 35-38 cm. Although compared to previous weeks more contained with the increased amount of fat under the skin that looks reddish.

The amount of brain tissue in this gestational age increases. Likewise, his head hair continues to grow longer. Eyebrows and eyelids were formed, while the original membrane covering his eyeball was gone.


  1. Pregnancy check at least 1 time at the 7th month in order to know the position of baby’s head whether it is correct or not (head percentage). If the percentage is not correct, the mother is advised to make efforts that can fix the position, for example, the mother is often.
  2. Taking into account the consumption of food (quality and quantity) considering that in a small position should be more often because the mother’s stomach has been pushed enlarged uterus.
  3. Mothers and families are advised to plan where the birth and where necessary costs when giving birth refer to who decides, transportation and others.
  4. Mom started practicing straining.