Development of Infant Age 5 Months

Development of Infant Age 5 Months – This month, the fetus begins to recognize the surrounding environment. The fetus begins to feel sensations. Eyebrows and fine hair on the scalp begin to grow, which is temporary. Two weeks after the baby is born, these hairs will fall out.

The fetal activity schedule is relatively regular. In the morning until late afternoon, the fetus will rest. Therefore, in this span of time, the fetus performs the relatively little movement. At night, the fetus is active, so that sometimes interfere with the mother’s sleep. At the age of five months, the fetus has a body length of 25 cm.

Fetal Development Week 17th

The fetal skin develops and is transparent. Looks red because the blood vessels are still visible. The ears are perfectly formed and are in the final position. Although his eyes are closed, the fetus can capture bright light. Weighing about 120 grams, until the shape of the uterus looks oval and not rounded. As a result, the uterus is pushed from the pelvic cavity leading into the abdominal cavity. Automatically stimulated intestine mother almost reach the heart area, until often feels stinging heartburn.

This rapid growth of the uterus also makes the ligaments stretch, especially when there is a sudden movement. This pain or discomfort is called ligament pain. Therefore it is advisable to maintain posture and not make sudden movements or that cause stretching.

Fetal Development Week 18th

Now the fetus can already hear the sound from outside your body. The fetus will move or jump when listening to loud noises. Fetal muscles have been able to contract and relax, The fetus has been able to kick, punch and move very actively. In this week you may already be able to feel the movement of the round for the first time.

The estimated fetal weight of 150 grams. The uterus can be palpated just below the navel, about the size of a watermelon. The growth of the uterus in the future will change the balance of the mother’s body. While increased mobility of the joints affect the change of posture and cause back complaints.

This complaint is increasing when the weight gain is out of control. To fix this, get used to lying on your left, avoiding standing too long and lifting heavy loads. In addition, Cempaka as often as possible resting the legs with lift use pillow.

From this age, the interactive relationship between mother and fetus is getting closely intertwined. Not surprisingly every time the mother is happy, sad, hungry or feel something else, the fetus feels the same.

Development of Janin Week 19th

Now the fetus is about 23 cm long and weighs 200 gr. If you have not felt the movement of the fetus, maybe this week you will start a movement. The fetal brain has reached millions of motor nerves because it is able to make conscious movements such as sucking the thumb.

The fetal nervous system that formed in the 4th week, in this week the more complete the development, that is with the production of cerebrospinal fluid that should circulate in the brain and spinal cord without barriers. Well, if the hole is blocked or the flow of the liquid is blocked by any cause, most likely hydrocephalus/fluid buildup in the brain.

The amount of fluid that accumulates is usually about 500-1500 ml, but can reach 5 liters! This buildup is obviously a fatal consequence given how much the amount of fetal brain tissue is suppressed by the fluid.

Fetal Development Week 20th

The skin covering the fetal body can be divided into two layers, the epidermis layer located on the surface and the dermis layer which is the inner layer. The epidermis will then form certain patterns on the fingertips, palms, and soles of the feet. While the dermis layer contains small blood vessels, nerves and large amounts of fat.

Along with its rapid development, the need for fetal blood also increased sharply. In order for anemia not to threaten pregnancy, the mother must meet her need for iron intake, either through the consumption of balanced nutritious foods and supplements recommended by doctors.

Fetal muscle gets stronger every week. If you still can not feel the movement, you will definitely feel the movement now. It may be that you interpret the movement first like the wind because it feels like a burst of bubbles inside. The fetus moves about 200 times a day, but you just feel a little of all this movement.