Early Signs of Pregnancy Nipple Changes

Early Signs of Pregnancy Nipple Changes – Signs of pregnancy is the most anticipated moment by a woman who wants herself to have a child of dreams (family hoping). With the occurrence of pregnancy indicates that the couple has a good fertility rate and this also indicates that they have no significant health problems.

With the arrival of signs of pregnancy, the presence of a baby in their family is waiting for time. The family feels with the presence of the anticipated baby.

But there are times, couples do not know properly about the signs of this pregnancy. They sometimes still confuse the actual signs of pregnancy (symptoms) with the sign of menstruation, because many cases occur that the signs of pregnancy are usually similar to the signs of menstrual coming. Ignorance about this also causes some cases of miscarriage.

This is because it is still doing an activity or consumption of foods that should not be done during pregnancy, but actually, she has had a pregnancy. With ignorance of the signs of pregnancy also leads to a careful preparation for the unfulfilled pregnancy.

In contrast, many cases of stressful families because of signs that have been regarded as a sign of pregnancy, it turns out after a few times the test turned out to be negative results. The shadows and dreams of the pregnancy they were waiting for finally vanished.

Many women think that the signs of pregnancy only see from one side only, that is the late arrival of menstruation. Indeed, one of the signs of this pregnancy is the late menstruation. However, late menstruation is also not only caused by pregnancy alone, many things that affect it, diet, stress, fatigue, hormonal disorders etc … Well, to be surer again, besides the late menstruation, look at other signs of pregnancy.

In addition, basically, this pregnancy sign was subdivided into 3 parts of which are signs of uncertain pregnancy, a sign of the possibility of pregnancy and the last before you can find a sure sign of pregnancy. Well, to be sure again, in addition to late coming months, common or uncertain pregnancy signs we can know from recognizing some of the following signs, such as:

Uncertain Signs of Pregnancy

Changes In Breast

If there is a pregnancy, the breast will enlarge, this is caused by increased production of estrogen and progesterone hormones. In addition, breast conditions will also feel softer, this causes a higher sense of sensitivity until the breast will feel pain or pain when held. The nipple enlarges and the color darkens, sometimes itching.

The veins in the breast will also be seen as a result of breast stretching. In addition, there is the activity of hormone HPL (Human Placental Lactogen). The hormone is produced by the body when the mother has a pregnancy to prepare milk for your baby when born into the world.

The appearance of blood spots or spots that followed abdominal cramps

These blood spots appear before the next menstruation, usually between 8-10 days after ovulation. These blood spots are caused by implantation (bleeding implantation) or attachment of the embryo in the uterine wall. The appearance of blood spots during pregnancy is sometimes mistaken for menstruation.

In addition, the discharge of blood spots is usually followed by abdominal cramps. Abdominal cramps in the condition of the occurrence of pregnancy will occur regularly. And this condition of stomach cramps will continue until the second trimester of pregnancy until the location of the uterus position in the middle and supported by the pelvis.

Nausea and vomiting (Morning sickness)

Approximately 50% of women who experience pregnancy will have these signs. The trigger is the sudden increase in hormones in the bloodstream. The hormone is HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin). In addition to the blood, this hormone increase also occurs in the urinary tract. Hence, pregnancy test pack tool is done through the urine media, this is done to measure the occurrence of elevated levels of HCG hormone.

Increasing this hormone will cause painful effects on the lining of the stomach and cause nausea. This nausea will usually disappear into second-trimester pregnancy. If nausea and vomiting still occur at the age of the second trimester of pregnancy, you should consult and consult about

this to your doctor, because it will interfere with your pregnancy.
Nausea and vomiting are usually morning sickness because it usually occurs in the morning. But in fact, nausea and vomiting can occur during the day and night as well. Even morning sickness occurs only when the mother smells a particular fragrance or fragrance.

Frequent Urination (Frequent Urination)

After a period of one to two weeks, the urge to urinate becomes more common than habit. This is due to the growing fetus in the uterus suppressing the bladder and due to an increase in blood circulation. In addition, the bladder is filled faster with urine and the urge to urinate becomes more frequent. Increased urination is also caused by increased pregnancy hormones. Although urinating often, do not limit it or hold it. Also, avoid dehydration by further increasing fluid intake into the body.

 Dizziness and headaches

Disorders and headaches are often felt by pregnant women caused by physical factors; fatigue, nausea, hunger and blood pressure, low. While the cause of emotional is feeling tense and depressed. In addition, increased blood supply to the entire body can also cause dizziness when the mother changes position.

Exhaustion and excessive sleepiness (Fatigue)

Fatigue and sleepiness in pregnant women are caused by hormonal changes, as well as the performance of some vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, and lungs, increasing. These vital organs not only work to meet the needs of the mother alone but also for the growth and development of the fetus. Increasingly growing mother’s stomach with increasing of pregnancy age also gives own burden for mother body.


Constipation occurs due to increased progesterone hormone. This hormone in addition to relaxing the muscles of the uterus, also has an effect on the muscle relaxation of the intestinal wall, causing constipation or difficult bowel movements. But the advantage of this situation is to allow better absorption of nutrients during pregnancy.

Frequent spitting (hypersalivation)

This pregnancy sign occurs due to the effect of estrogen hormone changes, usually in the first trimester of pregnancy. This condition usually disappears after pregnancy entering the second trimester

Increased basal body temperature

If there is a pregnancy or ovulation, then the basal body temperature of the mother will increase. This condition will persist during pregnancy. This condition will not go down to the condition before ovulation.


Signs of later pregnancy that indicate an uncertain pregnancy is the emergence of amenorrhea conditions where this condition is very common and much suspect pregnancy is characterized by the cessation of menstrual cycles. And for some women who have irregular menstrual cycles or periods will be quite sure making this condition as a sign of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, for those of you who have regular menstrual cycles, it is important that you determine when your first and last day should be. So you will be able to determine this sign as a sign of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, amenorrhea itself is subdivided into two parts namely primary and secondary amenorrhoea. For primary amenorrhoea is a state of menstruation where this condition occurs in women aged 16 years. While for secondary amenorrhoea is a state of menstruation that occurs for 3 cycles or 6 cycles after the previous menstrual cycle as usual.

Because this sign will be quite difficult to recognize as a sign of pregnancy then amenorrhoea can be classified as a general pregnancy sign that has not been clear means pregnancy before the examination is more clear.

Striae and Hyperpigmentation Skin

The next signs that can appear as common signs of pregnancy are striae and hyperpigmentation of the skin. This condition is a symptom that may occur and generally, the area on the body that will be attacked with hyperpigmentation conditions is the nose of the cheek and even on the forehead. Signs of this one pregnancy is actually still suspected, so not necessarily people who experience this one sign is classified as having a pregnancy.

Hyperpigmentation of the skin that happens is not dangerous but the impact can be very disturbing and damaging appearance. Especially for young pregnant women who like to preen. The presence of hyperpigmentation will probably make you appear less confident. In the affected part of the skin with hyperpigmentation the areola mammae will be blackened and in the linea alba that appears to change the color becomes darker.


An obstipation is a severe form of constipation that will torture a person where this condition is usually caused by the blockage of movement of the stool in the intestine or the presence of the intestinal obstruction. In general, the symptoms of obstipation will be quite similar to constipation where a sufferer of this disease will have trouble removing the feces.

Only, the thing that distinguishes constipation with constipation is the cause itself. The symptoms of obstipation can be difficult to remove hard feces within 3 to 5 days. This condition is also accompanied by a feeling of stomach bloating or full of gas or feces in the stomach.

Only, this one sign cannot be a sure sign of a person experiencing pregnancy. Because the trigger of this condition can be caused by many things. While in pregnant women, the cause is caused by the influence of steroid hormones.

Varicose veins

The common or uncertain pregnancy sign of the latter is varicose veins. Conditions like this can occur due to veins of blood vessels that experience swelling or enlargement. Such conditions usually appear as areas of bluish or purplish color that arise on the surface of the skin.

Although it occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy. However, this one sign can be found first in the early months of pregnancy from the first month of age until 3 months of pregnancy.

The condition of varicose veins enables pregnant women not to be allowed to perform heavy activities. This is because the heavy burden is borne by pregnant women will endanger pregnancy and make the varicose more severe. Only, this one condition cannot be concluded as a sure sign of pregnancy. Before further examination of pregnancy, varicose veins that occur can be caused by many things.


The next sign that is uncertain suggests pregnancy is fainting. You may have seen scenes in movies where pregnant women fainted. But in fact, this condition can indeed occur because the amount of sugar in the body is low. For that, make sure you eat enough and of course drink plenty of consumption to avoid the risk of dehydration that will happen.

However, the symptoms of fainting experienced cannot be directly interpreted as a sign of pregnancy because this condition can be experienced by anyone with a variety of causes. For that, you should check your health condition and pregnancy to the doctor to know the actual conditions that occur in your body.

Mama’s enlargement

The influence of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body of pregnant women will be able to stimulate ductule and alveoli. Montgomery’s glands will appear more clearly. Only, this one sign cannot be interpreted as a sign of pregnancy so that this one sign is still included in the uncertain signs of pregnancy. Because of the enlargement and tension of can occur women who will experience menstruation.

Thus, to clarify this sign should check your condition with your obstetrician to find out about your pregnancy soon. This way the doctor will conduct further examination of your condition.


It is a natural and common thing for pregnant women to have cravings. For information, for those of you who do not know what it is to crave, this condition is a phenomenon where young pregnant women want something that seems unusual, whether it is doing something or eating something that is not even a favorite food though.

When a pregnant mother experiences cravings they will suddenly want this and want it. There is a myth saying that the desire of the cravings must be met immediately because if not this will affect not good for the baby in the womb.

Only, the condition of cravings cannot be a sure sign of a pregnancy. Because basically, people who are not pregnant will be able to experience this condition where they suddenly want to eat a kind of food. This, in general, will depend on the mood and condition of the person concerned. So, the cravings experienced by a person can not be said to be a sign of a positive pregnancy.

Possible Signs of Pregnancy

Well, after knowing “common pregnancy signs” or “Signs of uncertain pregnancy”, there are other signs that may indicate a pregnancy. However, even this sign cannot be fully marked as a positive pregnancy. For this reason, this mark is still classified as a sign of possible pregnancy.

Alleged pregnancy alerts or also known as presumptive signs will certainly differ for every woman. This will generally depend on the health of the mother and fetus in the womb. It’s just that, in some cases, very rarely encountered women who experience alleged pregnancy signs that occur en masse or simultaneously.

So what are the signs let’s see below?

1. Handsaw Signs

The first sign is to recognize the sign of her. To be able to know this mark can be done by placing two fingers on the posterior fornix and the other hand on the abdominal wall above the pubic symphysis. Through this examination will be felt in the uterine corpus that seemed separate with the cervix. Meanwhile, in the 6th to 8th week of pregnancy, a bimanual examination can be identified by performing this hear examination slowly.

2. Piskacek Sign

The next sign is the enlargement of the uterus. Where this enlargement is generally uneven until it can be seen prominently in the enlarged uterine Kuruman. This condition makes the uterine part in the pregnant state grow faster at the place.

3. Chadwick’s sign

Next is a sign that comes with a change of color. This color change occurs in the part of the mucous membrane of the vulva and the female organs of femininity which generally turns into more purplish. This sign may indicate the possibility of pregnancy in the woman. It just cannot be concluded as a definite pregnancy.

4. Braxton Hicks Sign

The next sign that may occur is a sign that is closely related to the sign of a young pregnancy, ie at approximately the age of week 20. So that this week the volume of amniotic fluid in the womb of pregnant women will be more. This condition will be felt by wiggling the uterine portion is pressed so that it will look the fetus will melting in the uterus. This condition is known as ballottement.

5. Goodells marks

These marks will be felt by examining where in this cervical mark it will be palpable soft.

6. Basal Temperature

After ovulation remains high between 37.2 degrees to 37.8 degrees. This sign is one thing that characterizes the pregnancy. These symptoms are often used in the examination of infertility.

7. Positive Results Pregnancy Test

One of the more simple examinations of pregnancy is to check through an instant pregnancy test. The pregnancy test will help you in knowing that physical and psychological experiences are signs related to pregnancy or health problems.

When performing a pregnancy test and the results are negative but at the same time you still have not get menstruate, then maybe you are too tired so that pregnancy results have not been seen while using the test pack.

Thus, the best time to perform a pregnancy test is seven days after having sex with a partner. You can wait back some days before retesting. In addition, you should be encouraged to use a pregnancy test in the morning.

Meanwhile, in order to know the signs of pregnancy would need medical examination with the help of a gynecologist or midwife.

Pregnancy Signs

There are several signs of a definite pregnancy that does indicate the presence of a fetus in your womb. By knowing this sign, the pregnancy in your uterus is certain to occur. So what are the definite signs of pregnancy? Let us see below.

1. The existence of Fetal Movement

The first sign that indicates a pregnancy with certainty is fetal movement. As for knowing this sign you can do ultrasound examination to the obstetrician. Even a gynecologist or a bison can know the movements to determine a healthy pregnancy. Thus, ultrasound examination is not only used to determine the sex of the baby but also the health of the mother’s pregnancy better.

Furthermore, the fetus has begun to be longest with further examination. In this examination, the fetus in your womb will be palpable by your obstetrician or midwife checking you. Even when this examination is done, the midwife will be able to feel the parts of the fetus so that the fetal age in the womb can be better identified.

2. Heartbeat

In the event of a real pregnancy then the doctor or midwife can already predict the heartbeat join by using a letter stethoscope, doppler tool and also by using a cardiotocography tool so that it can be directly the heartbeat of the baby heard using some of these tools.

Even a small fetal heartbeat will be heard by ultrasound. Meanwhile, through a more sophisticated examination using X-rays, you will be able to see the fetal frame even though it is not very clear.

Not only that, the data can also be used as a differential diagnosis of pregnancy. Where this condition should be distinguished from a health condition or a known illness based on a sign of pregnancy. The following are some of the signs of pregnancy based on health conditions:

Differential Diagnosis of Pregnancy

1. False Pregnancy

The condition of a fake pregnancy is often referred to as a condition of pseudocysts or a false pregnancy. Where in this condition there is amino rea, which is a woman’s abdominal condition that changes shape and size but actually there is no sign of pregnancy experienced. Meanwhile, when the pregnancy test is done the results will be negative. This one sign is also important to recognize the conditions that occur within your body.

2. Uterine myoma

This condition is characterized by an enlarged abdominal shape which when done touch on the uterus will feel solid and experiencing bumps. This condition will generally be characterized by a negative pregnancy during pregnancy tests and no other signs of pregnancy. Many people often think that people with uterine myopia are mistaken for pregnancy conditions. This is reasonable, especially if you see a stomach condition bulge like a person who is pregnant.

3. Uterine cystoma

In this condition, women experience amino he where this condition is similar to what happens in some cases data namely a bulging stomach enlargement. Only, this condition does not make the uterus enlarged or swollen like a pregnant person.

4. Urinary Vesica with Urine Retention

The latter is the normal self-expanding uterus then a sign of pregnancy arises as well as a pregnancy reaction. Only, when pregnancy test by using test pack resultant negative. This condition occurs because the hematometra of the uterus is increasingly swollen and enlarged because of blood tension that occurs Akbar vaginal stenosis and also the cervix.

Such are the signs of pregnancy that may be known. Signs ii may differ for every woman who experiences them. Thus, not all women will simultaneously experience the same pregnancy symptoms.

Basically, to know the sign of a more definite pregnancy is to do a doctor check with the help of experts. However, there are some clear that can be done to ensure the occurrence of pregnancy.

How to Ensure Pregnancy

After observing the alleged pregnancy signs then to be sure you are pregnant or not. Below are some ways you can do to know the pregnancy test correctly.

Do Urine Test

To make sure there is a pregnancy in your uterus the first way to do is to do a urine test. In order to do this test, there are some things to note, namely the testing process itself, testing time and reading the test results. The HCG test or urn test in pregnancy is a form of pregnancy test by washing the existence of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin).

HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta once the embryo begins to stick to the uterine wall. A hormone is partially excreted through the water of the pregnant mother’s joints. To perform a pregnancy test through urine you can use a pregnancy test that is currently sold in the market. This tool is known as test pack. To be able to get this pregnancy test kit you can buy it at a pharmacy or drug store.

Procedure Urine Test

There are several things that need to be done to guide you through urine test using a test pack. Well, below is the procedure to perform urine test during pregnancy.

1. Accommodating the Art

For the first one can be done by holding a small amount of urine first issued in the morning after you wake up. Conduct a urine collection in a sterile container. The use of this tool is usually dipped into the urine and sometime before you can get the results. Before doing a pregnancy test by using this method it is better to resist the urge to urinate for a while. This is because so that the water expended more concentrated joints. Because this type of urine that has a greater HCG content.

2. Paying attention to testing time

The next one is to pay attention to testing time. Perform a pregnancy test with a test 7 days after ovulation or fertilization. less than this time usually the results shown will be less than satisfactory. HCG production is a reaction to the implanted fetus (blastocyst) in the uterine wall. It means the embedded blastocyst in the uterine wall occurs before HCG is produced by the body.

As for the new blastocyst embedded in the uterine wall ski 6 to 12 Haru ovulation occurs. Meanwhile, under common conditions, this can occur on day 10. So the time is today to ensure pregnancy is or not in your womb then the 7th day after ovulation is selected at the right time.

It’s just that this condition does not always happen to all women. There are women who are pregnant, but still show negative results when examined. One of the causes of this condition occurs is the long menstrual cycle that occurs in a woman.

3. Reading Test Results

To be able to see the results of a pregnancy test through a urine test you can do so by directly looking at the strip contained in the pregnancy tool. Usually, this test tool is like having two windows, one for control and the other showing results. The control window in this tool generally tells you whether the test is correct or not. While the results window is the part that whether you are positive or negative pregnancy.

All the test kits that do home needs to be read immediately with both when finished using. After all, this tool must also be discarded in order to avoid confusion due to changes in positive and negative signs due to time changes.

Perform Blood Test

As with urine test, the blood test is done to see if there is any pregnancy to see the existence of HCG only. Only, on this examination, the means used are different with those done on the urine test. On this one examination, the pregnancy will be detected by bringing blood samples to the laboratory using a specific method. The degree of accuracy of this examination is actually almost the same with the above. So you can choose your own choice of which inspection method you will choose.

Perform an Ultrasound Test

Sometimes despite having a urine test at home, there are some couples who are still not convinced by the occurrence of pregnancy due to certain reasons. Well, to better ensure the pregnancy in the womb of a woman another test can be done. Namely by using ultrasonography (ultrasound) which is usually found in hospitals or maternity clinics or can also be found in the doctor’s practice.

This check will be more convincing if pregnancy occurs because you will be able to see the embryo image through the ultrasound screen. Thus the pregnancy will be detected more accurately.

That’s what some pregnancy checks can do to ensure pregnancy or not in a woman’s body. Only, sometimes there are some checks that tend to be wrong or inaccurate by doing the above checks. So, for those of you who want to be sure then the choice of the third point on how to determine the above pregnancy will work better.

The signs of pregnancy (pregnancy symptoms) on the personal, not all women in the beginning of pregnancy absolutely have the signs above, meaning that the sign of pregnancy on the top there are all experienced, varied, but some are not having any complaints. To be sure, pregnancy test (pregnancy test) must be done, either done at home using test pack or done in the laboratory that tests your blood.

If you are expecting a pregnancy and experiencing signs of pregnancy hopefully you have a pregnancy. If so, it’s a good idea to get a complete pregnancy guide from us, containing information that’s important to you for a healthy pregnancy. Because the long journey 9 months of pregnancy in the future need to be escorted with good pregnancy knowledge.