Food For Pregnant Women 4 Months

Food For Pregnant Women 4 Months – At the age of pregnancy, you enter the age of 4 months. At the age of 4 months, the fetus develops closer to the formation of the perfect or even perfect organ. You should remain cautious in the 4th month, still in the category of critical months that need protection so as to reduce fetal health disorders or miscarriage.

In the 4th month the vision organs of the cornea, iris, lens and also the retina are functioning. The ability of the fetus in the organ of vision is when the fetus blinks and is sensitive to light. Furthermore the organ of hearing, fetal ear already occupy its position. In this month the genitals are growing more noticeable and begin to look to see. Even in the final week of the 4th month of pregnancy.

Babies can already hear your heartbeat, voice and abdominal voice. Physically in the 4th month more visible changes. Mothers are encouraged to wear maternity clothes. This is because the movement is more active, the functioning heart will form blood, bilirubin and hemoglobin metabolism. To support growth and development of the fetus at 4 months of gestation.

The following are foods for 4 months, pregnant women:

1. Enriched with fiber content

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At the beginning of the 4th month, you can consume more fiber. Due to the increasingly changing physical conditions in the 4th month, it often leads to complaints.

To reduce complaints during pregnancy associated with digestion then you can consume fiber to reduce the risk of constipation. You can eat fiber-rich foods such as oranges, nuts, watermelon or broccoli

2. Calcium

Foods that contain calcium are needed. Even calcium is badly needed early in pregnancy. The role of calcium is very important in the growth of cartilage in the fetus. You can provide enough calcium by consuming cheese, milk and green leafy vegetables. This is to reduce the risk of calcium taken in the mother’s body.

3. Protein

During the development of the fetus in the womb, you need protein. Protein is always needed so that every time you consume food to make sure it is equipped with vegetable protein or animal protein. You can choose the ingredients contained in vegetables, fruits, Suu or eggs. You provide sufficient protein so that it can process cell division. (Also read: Food of pregnant mother)

4. Low fat

Weight loss will begin to increase in the 4th month of pregnancy So that fat intake in pregnant women should be controlled. You can consume foods that are low in fat as your daily menu. Choose low-fat milk and lean meat that is good for health so it’s good in the 4th month of your pregnancy.

5. Iron

Pregnant women are susceptible to anemia so you should be able to keep your intake of iron in your body. Iron intake is very important to form the blood and help the adequate nutrition during the fetus in the womb. You can consume foods rich in iron content such as dates, bananas, or pumpkins.