Healthy Food For Young Pregnant Mother

Healthy Food For Young Pregnant Mother – Congratulations on her pregnancy, often at a young pregnancy you are guessing abstinence and the necessity to consume the type of food. This is, of course, a good goal to be able to maintain the health and development of your fetus.

Healthy food intake is needed by pregnant women because at this age is prone to miscarriage. In addition, the disorder that often occurs in pregnant women in the first trimester is nausea, vomiting with loss of appetite. Though the first trimester of pregnancy is very important to meet the intake of vitamins and minerals that can develop properly.

So how healthy food for young pregnant women? In young pregnant women does not mean to consume food with a portion of more but will pay attention to the quality of the food you consume.

The food arrangements that you consume should be targeted according to the development of gestational age, the needs and development of the fetus. More early pregnancy where hormonal changes can increase the sensitivity that affects young pregnant women.

Here are some food guides you can do when you are young pregnant:

1. Cereal

In the morning is often a problem for pregnant women to consume food. So you can overcome nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite by consuming cereal.

Cereals in addition to having a variety of flavors that can be tailored to you also contain a variety of minerals, vitamin B, carbohydrates, calcium that is tailored to the nutritional needs of the fetus. The content of whole grains can contain energy and fiber that is matched to the needs of pregnant women.

2. Dairy products

The content contained in the milk can help you in supporting new baby tissue growth, repair damaged tissue and muscle formation as well as transport oxygen to the fetus.

With the fulfillment of protein and mineral needs, it can support the development and growth of infants. Choice of soy milk can be an alternative you have vitamin D sufficiency and different flavors are also additional benefits for pregnant women.

3. Fruits and Vegetables

In the first trimester pregnancy, vitamin C content of orange juice is needed to increase immunity and fight infection. In addition, the content of a diet rich in iron content can prevent anemia. Complete with additional vegetables that contain iron obtained from green vegetables and can increase hemoglobin to the body’s cells and provide energy.

 4. Fish

Foods that contain protein and omega 3 fatty acids can help the formation of the fetal brain, though you should be careful because the mercury content in certain fish species will interfere with fetal development. Also, avoid eating raw fish because it can increase saturated fat content in the body.

5. Nuts

Also add the type of nuts that are needed in the development of the nervous system in infants such as green beans that will contain folic acid and vitamin B. In addition, nuts are used for energy and immune pregnant young women.

6. Water and Vitamins

Water content and vitamins are important to note. For pregnant women who often experience nausea then you can consume more water mixed with fruit juice without added sugar.

It is important to add vitamins that support the pregnancy especially when young pregnancy. You can consult a midwife or doctor to get the appropriate vitamin to your womb needs.

The food guide example that you can use in first-trimester pregnancy is as follows:


  1. Fruit juice
  2. Fried rice
  3. Sunnyside up
  4. Special milk/milk pregnancy


  1. Rice
  2. Vegetable Bening
  3. Yellow spice fish
  4. Fried Tempe
  5. Orange fruit


  1. Rice
  2. Steak
  3. Bakwan Maize
  4. Fruit Lettuce
  5. Milk (before bed)

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