How Much Is A Pregnancy Test At Walgreens

How Much Is A Pregnancy Test At Walgreens – Are planning to get pregnant? Have you tested? Pregnancy tests can now be done at home easily using a test pack. However, use the test pack well so that the results are more accurate.

Test packs can show wrong results, generally caused by you being wrong using a test pack, not one of the tools. You may be pregnant, but the test pack shows you are not pregnant (false negative). Do not want to experience this is not it?

How Much Is A Pregnancy Test At Walgreens

How Much Is A Pregnancy Test At Walgreens

Errors are often made when using a test pack

Before using the test pack you should read the instructions first, so the results shown are not wrong. The following are some common mistakes when using a test pack.

1. Too fast to test

Doing a pregnancy test with a test pack is not uncommon, not as simple as you think. One-one will actually make your pregnancy test results to be inappropriate. Test pack will show positive results when the hormone hCG in urine reaches a certain level of women.

The problem is, not all women who are already pregnant will have the same level of hCG in their urine. Therefore, women should wait until the right time to do a home pregnancy test so that hCG levels in the urine of pregnant women can be read by the test pack.

Now it is already a lot of test pack tools that are more sensitive in detecting the presence of hCG in the urine. Some sensitive devices have been able to detect hCG four days before your menstruation or seven days after the egg is fertilized by the sperm (conception). So, if you take the test faster than this time, maybe the test pack result will be mistaken.

However, if you believe you are pregnant but the tests show negative results, you can take the test again at a later time. Therefore, before using the test pack you should wait a few days until the hCG hormones have gathered in the urine to make it readable, read the instructions for use, and use the tool as directed. Test pack has a fairly high accuracy of results.

2. Too fast in reading test results

Because very curious about pregnancy, many women rush when using a test pack. In fact, in the usage instructions are usually listed to wait how long until the results really come out. This is a tool that takes a while to work. So wait for a while before concluding how your test results are.

When urine is running in the test pack, the indicator window may show two equal or plus lines. However, do not rush to conclusions as this may be just a sign that the tool is working. You have to wait until the time limit when to read it, usually two to five minutes but each product can be different. Read the instructions for use in each product.

3. Waiting too long for reading test results

Too fast reading tests can show wrong results, as well as if you have too long to read the test results. Probably out of bored waiting for the results to come out, many women leave test packs for a while after wearing them. Then come back to check the results without knowing how long it has been left. In fact, too long in waiting for the test results can also make the test results to be wrong.

Usually, the test results will appear two to five minutes. After this time passes, the test will still work and may be able to change the correct result. Test packs may show the results of two positively positive lines, but in fact, no hCG is detected in your urine. If it is past the time it should read the results, you should never use the tool again. You can test again with a new tool.

Again, when doing the test you should first read the instructions for use. Wait for the test results according to the instructions, then you conclude the results. If necessary, use a tool to measure the time when you should read the test results, using a stopwatch for example.

4. You do not have any further checks on your pregnancy, especially if the test results are negative

If the test pack shows negative results, but you have not started menstruating again a week later and you suspect that you are pregnant, you may need to do a retest. You may actually be pregnant, but the test pack shows negative results because the hormone hCG in your urine cannot be read by the tool.

Therefore, you may need to test many times to make sure your test results are correct or not. Many women get negative results on the first test, then get positive results on the second and third tests.

5. Do not test in the morning

Time in using the test pack should also be considered. Your urine concentration affects the test results, whereas urine concentrations may vary in a day. We recommend that you do a pregnancy test with a test pack in the morning when you urinate first. Because urine in the morning is the most concentrated urine and contains higher hCG than any other time.

Your urine concentration may change throughout the day because what you eat can affect your urine concentration. Doing tests when your urine concentration is being dilute (too fluid) can make the hCG hormone, which is actually present in the urine, more difficult to read. Finally, you get a biased or wrong result.

How to use the correct test pack at home?

There are many test pack tools that offer different sensitivity levels, some test packs can detect hCG levels as low as 15 ml / u. In general, when using test packs you should do is:

  1. Read the instructions before taking the test and make sure your test pack tool has not expired.
  2. Collect the urine in a small container and dip the test pack into it. Alternatively, there are also products used by holding test packs under the flow of urine (when you urinate).
  3. We recommend using a test pack when you urinate first time in the morning. This will give more accurate results.
  4. Wait for test results up to several minutes, as per the instructions.
  5. Do not just do a one-time test, you need tests more than once to verify the results.
  6. Most good test pack tools are used about 1-2 weeks after menstruation.