The Name of a Popular British Male Child and Its Meaning

The Name of a Popular British Male Child and Its Meaning – Before welcoming the baby’s birth, many things need to be prepared, one of which is the baby’s name. It is important to choose the best baby name because, in addition to being the identity of children who will be carried forever, the name is also the prayer and hope of parents for their children.

Finding a baby name is not easy. When looking for a name for a baby boy or girl, in addition to beautiful and unique must also consider the meaning of the chosen name. The meaning of a wise and meaningful name can be obtained from the name of an English baby. Many easy-to-say English baby names to choose from.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a name for a baby boy, consider a collection of popular British baby boy name ideas and their meanings this time.

Baby Boy Name England

Baby Boy Name England

Where the name of a baby boy you can use English as the first name, middle name or last name of your baby boy to form a modern, unique and beautiful name. Here’s a collection of baby boy names ideas you can see.

The Idea of ​​Infant Boy Name UK and Its Meaning


Aaric means, Leader with love
Aaron which means, Majesty
Adam means, the first Man
Al meaning, Handsome
Aland which means, Light like the sun
Aldrich means, Wise leader
Allred meaning, Wise
Almo meaning, Famous / noble
Anakin that means, Fighters
Andrian which means, manly/handsome
Armstrong which means, Strong Fighter
Austin which means, Majesty / great
Aylmer which means, Lord


Bailey which means, Regulator/counter
Balder which means, Prince
Barnaby which means, Comfortable
Barnard means, Strong like a bear
Barnett means, Leader
Beal meaning, Handsome
Beau which means, Handsome
Beldon means, A handsome man
Bert which means, Light
Blythe meaning, Joy
Bobby meaning, The popularity is brilliant
Boby which means, Smart and famous
Bronson means, Strong


Cadee which means, Sweet/kind
Cam means, Precious
Carlos means, manly
Carlson means, Man is free
Carrington which means, Charming
Cedric means, Leader
Chad means, Fighters
Chal meaning, Son
Cony that means, Strong and wise
Crawford which means, Good/firm/friendly


Dalbert meaning, Clever
Daran means, Great
Dariel meaning, Beloved
Darius which means, Prosperity
Delwyn which means, Diligent and intelligent
Dickson which means, Brave and strong
Dixie which means, Strong


Earnest meaning, Simple
Ehner that means, Honor and famous
Elan means, Friendly man
Ellard which means, Brave
Elvis means, Wise
Emil means, Diligent/diligent work
Ernest which means, Simple
Ewald which means, Strong


Fadeyka which means, Brave
Fair means, Adventurous
Filbert means, Clever
Frank means, Honest
Freddy who means, the bearer of peace
Freeman means, The free man


Geffrey means, Peace
Gene meaning, Born perfectly
Geoff means, Peace
Gorby which means, Holy
Goddard which means, Strong and brave
Gomer which means, Good and famous


Hadden which means, little boy
Hamilton which means, Nobility/firm/smart
Hamlet meaning, Noble / firm / smart
Harrison which means, Strength
Hendy which means, Polite Eid


Iram which means, Smart
Ives that means, Archers
Ingram meaning, Angels
Isham means, Hardhearted


Jagger which means, Helper/help
Jefford means, Dare brave
Journell which means, Wise / smart


Kemp means, Winner
Kendrick which means, Fair
Kenward which means, Courageous
Kyne which means, Lord
Kenneth means, Wise leader


Lewin who means, A good friend
Linford which means, Strong and dashing
Louvain which means, Intelligence
Lucky means, Luck


Maddox which means, Son of a generous
Malin meaning, Strong/small fighters
Manfred which means, The man of peace
Martell means, Good personality
Massey means, Twins
Mather meaning, Soldiers are strong
Maynard which means, Courageous/strong
Moruca means, Sentosa is also smart


Nyle which means, island
Norvin means, Friend defending


O’Neil means, Son of the Champion
Olin which means, Holy
Osbert meaning, Smart / great
Osgood means, Highly Exalted
Osmar which means, Incredible/great


Pendryko means, Always happy and happy
Prime meaning, Yang was born first
Pelham meaning, brownish
Prentice meaning, Candidate
Preston means, Residence


Radbert means, wise counselor
Radmund which means, Good Watchman
Rafe which means, Advisor
Ragnar which means, A good advisor
Ramiroyang means, Justice
Ramon means, Wise
Ramsden means, Good
Rance meaning, Simple
Rashad means, Justice
Raymond meaning, Great/good protector
Redding meaning, Good boy
Meaningful Revan, The black-haired
Revano meaning, Special
Rikkard means, The leader is rich and simple
Robert means, Smart, famous
Robin that means, Strength
Rodman which means, Simple
Royse which means, Faithful
Reuben means, Good and virtuous child


Sage is meaningful, wise
Sakima which means, king
Shaquil which means, Handsome and true
Songan meaning, strong
Southwell which means, Man is kind and strong
Sproule meaning, energetic
Starbuck which means, Courageous
Sterne which means, The man is simple and kind
Swain meaning, knight


Tilford means, prosperous
Tomy which means, Twins
A meaningful trader, a smart worker
Truman is mean, honest
Trumble meaning, strong
Tupper means, trusted / good


Urbane which means, a special birth
Uren who means has a special birth
Urien which means, from good family


Vigor means, Eager/strong
Vian which means, Strong / Energized
Vince means, Conqueror
Vinson means, Everlasting hope


Wakiza means, the Waldron knight (British-American) means ruler
Weiland meaning, Trustworthy
Whined meaning, Birth of the first child
Whitelaw means, white
Whitman means, Man is kind/polite
Widiarto means, Lucky
Witri meaning, wise knight
Wray which means, Encouragement
Wycliffe which means, Clever / smart


Yeoman means, fair
Yestin which means, honorable
Ynyr means that means a handsome king
Young which means, young people
Yuma which means, Fair

That’s a collection of baby name ideas for British boys and their meanings. Choose the best name for your baby and make your child with the name according to your wishes and prayers of the beloved baby, in the hope that children can have a character in accordance with the chosen name.