Powerful Ways to Increase Baby Weight

Powerful Ways to Increase Baby Weight – In general, babies are born with different body weight and traits with each other, the average weight of newborns is 2500-4500 grams. One that determines the size and weight of the baby are genetic, maternal health during pregnancy, and nutrients given while in the womb.

You do not worry when your baby’s weight is low at birth, the most important is the weight that can be achieved after your baby is born. Basically, the baby’s weight is recorded in the chart, one of the charts that can guide the mother is a Healthy Towards Card (KMS), with a graph in the KMS will help you in the baby’s normal growth reference. Generally, in the 4th month, the baby will gain twice the weight of the baby when you were born.

However, observing weight gain is not enough, you should also consider the height or length of the baby, the head circumference is to measure the size of the skull and also the baby’s brain in normal growth, so doctors can detect early abnormal growth in infants.

You do not rush to say that your baby has a problem with weight because it can not be just seen from your baby’s appearance, the precise way is to measure and also compare the weight with your baby’s height. If the result, found that the weight of the baby shows the category of skinny then you can find the cause.

Here are some of the causes of skinny infants:

1. Less balanced baby infant intake, the role of mothers is very large to determine the intake of nutrients tailored to the nutritional needs of your baby. You are advised to be careful in the provision of MPASI.

2. Your baby has entered a period of height growth so that his active movements and activities in infants over 6 months of age caused his weight to decrease by a reasonable amount.

3. Your baby is experiencing health problems, one of which is indigestion (food absorption) or diarrhea so that appetite decreases, affect baby’s weight.

If your baby’s weight is quite slow to increase, here are tips for raising your baby’s weight:

1. Intake of quality breast milk. In infants under 6 months of age, the only way is to improve quality of giving. Asi quality can be generated from the feed intake of breastfeeding mothers, complete daily nutritional needs and also avoid the stress that makes you stress, thus reducing the quality and quantity of breast milk.

2. Schedule Giving MPASI. Generally, by the time your baby enters the giving of MPASI (6 months and over), the baby will reduce breastfeeding, this is considered reasonable because of the other nutritional intake has been obtained from the MPASI.

You can schedule 2-3 times a day of MPASI with a portion adjusted for your baby’s age, the most important thing in the provision of MPASI is the nutritional content, especially the calories you can add vegetable oil or cheese to the MPASI to be more interesting and varied.

3. Proper MPASI composition. If you want to raise your baby’s weight, you should consider the type of MPASI material for your baby.

You can make the MPASI with carbohydrate composition and comparable side dishes (50:50), for example, 4 tablespoons of team rice plus 2 tablespoons of vegetables and 2 tablespoons of vegetables. You can give a healthy snack, twice a day ie at noon and afternoon.