Pregnancy Safe Skin Care

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care – Taking care of the face during pregnancy is sometimes not an easy matter. Chemicals contained in facial care products are feared to harm the fetus.

Ups and down hormones during pregnancy can cause various skin problems in women, one of them face. This section can make a woman confused about choosing beauty products or how to care for the face during pregnancy.

Caring For The Face While Pregnant

Caring For The Face While Pregnant

To maintain facial hygiene and avoid the way or products that can harm the fetus, at least you need to be more careful in choosing products and types of care for pregnant women.

Taking care of the face while pregnant like this 

Face Problems While Pregnant and Treatment
Taking care of your face during pregnancy may be difficult, here are some facial issues that may come to you during pregnancy and how to treat it.


The appearance of acne during pregnancy is a natural thing that occurs in some women. Kind of variety ranging from mild to severe acne. Acne during pregnancy occurs because the hormone androgen increases and triggers sebaceous glands to produce sebum or oil on the face and eventually cause acne.

To overcome this problem, you can use topical medications such as azelaic acid, topical medicines that contain glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, or sulfur. Before you decide to use the drug, it is advisable to consult a doctor first, any medication that is right for your condition.

In addition to some types of topical medicines above, your doctor may give oral medications to remove acne such as erythromycin. Also, note your daily life in using cosmetics and keeping your face clean.

Use ingredients that do not irritate acne skin, such as water-based cosmetics, talcum powder, a special foundation for oily face. Remember to wash your face at least twice a day using a mild soap or facial cleanser.

Spots on the face or chloasma

In pregnant women with darker skin tones, usually, blackish spots appear on the face. Increased hormone progesterone, estrogen, and MSH or hormonal triggers melanocytes (skin cells that produce pigment) causes the skin color becomes darker, causing facial spots on the cheek, forehead, lips, and nose.

Chloasma can disappear after delivery, but to reduce it you can do several ways. Like using concealer to cover spots and sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. This sunscreen works to avoid UV rays that can trigger changes in skin pigment. In addition, you also need to use the facial cream as recommended by a doctor and wash your face with a mild facial cleanser.

Treatments to Avoid When Pregnant

Choosing a variety of medicines and safe treatments is important for the health of the fetus. Here are some types of facial medications and facial treatments that are recommended to be avoided during pregnancy.


During pregnancy, to maintain the health of the fetus, you are advised to avoid acne medications containing retinoids, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or antibiotics for acne that can affect the fetus.

In addition, also avoid drugs containing tetracycline, minocycline, doxycycline, Accutane (isotretinoin). Avoiding some of these drugs is important, because if not then it can cause babies defects at birth, and can cause tooth problems, and bone abnormalities in the fetus.


If you want to do relaxation with a spa, it is recommended to treat someone who is already experienced in dealing with pregnant women.

And avoid treatments that use hot temperatures, such as hot baths, hot baths, saunas, or are in the steam room. If you want to do hydrotherapy in warm water, make sure that the heat is no more than 32 degrees Celsius.

Increasing some hormones during pregnancy can cause various problems especially on facial skin. To fix this, you need to be careful in using some products and types of treatments.

Do not use materials or treatments that can harm the fetus to cause birth defects. Therefore, before treating the face it is advisable to consult a doctor first, to find out what drugs or techniques are good for you.

Skin Care Tips While Pregnant

Skin Care Tips While Pregnant

Skin Care Tips While Pregnant

In doing skin care during pregnancy, you should focus on the basics of skin care. Here are the skin care tips during pregnancy:

Cleanse the Skin

Start with a gentle cleanser. Dr. Amy Newburger, MD, a dermatologist from Westchester quoted from, recommends using facial cleansers that do not contain residues or contain glycerine.

If your skin is very dry, Dr. Amy advises you to wash your skin with a cleanser that does not contain soap and use a soft and moisturizing cleanser. Wash the face no more than twice a day to avoid the skin becoming too dry.

Moisturises and Protects Skin from the Sun.

An important additional thing you should do in regular skin care during pregnancy (and thereafter) is to use a moisturizer that contains at least SPF 15, and protection against a wider spectrum (which works against UVA and UVB rays).

During pregnancy, increased hormones trigger an increase in the number of pigment cells, which can lead to the appearance of acne on the face, or “mask while pregnant.”

Using sunscreen every day – whether it is rainy or not – is the best way to avoid skin discoloration. If you are already planning to travel out in the sun or on the beach, protect yourself with sunscreen that is safe to use during pregnancy.

Acne and Oil

  1. Get used to washing your face twice a day. Mild Clean, er or mild facial cleanser is perfect for use during pregnancy. Use warm water to clean and rinse, do so while wiping the skillet
  2. If you use hair oil every day, protect your face so as not to continue exposed to oily hair.
  3. If your hair is often exposed to the face, change your hairstyle does not continuously exposed to the face
  4. Avoid ways such as holding, squeezing or massage acne. The habit will only cause infection and will cause scarring
  5. If you use cosmetics during pregnancy, choose cosmetics that are water-based, nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic.
  6. If you want to use the use of drugs, it is better to use natural medicines first, such as the use of egg masks, apple masks, and honey, etc., but if you want to use chemicals well consult your doctor before choosing a drug to use, because acne medicine is prone to the health of pregnant women and the fetus.

Makeup Fast and Easy

When you’re going to use makeup during pregnancy, stick to the philosophy that thinner makeup is better. Using makeup in this way will obviously be faster and easier. All you have to use for your best face are some multipurpose makeup products.

A foundation that also serves as a stain mask is the best thing to cover your eye circles and also stains. Foundation is also useful for color members on the skin. Chubby pencil is the easiest thing to use to give the eye, lip, and cheeks and pencils also very easy to carry because it is not the size that is perfect for your bag.

If you’re the type who will not leave home without lipstick, make sure your lipstick contains moisturizer and sunscreen. For the final polish, use mascara that can be removed as well as waterproof and you will be ready to go through the day.

Be Careful In Cosmetic Use

Always consult with your doctor in the use of medicines when you are pregnant including in cosmetic selection. Check always the procedure of use, whether cosmetic ingredients are safe to use during pregnancy or not.

If there is no information, check the ingredients of the cosmetics, whether there are any ingredients that are harmful to pregnancy or not. To know which type of cosmetics should be avoided during pregnancy.