Pregnancy Sleep Bra

Pregnancy Sleep Bra – Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this matter. Some people argue that sleeping wearing a bra can prevent sagging breasts, others say that the bra used during sleep will block the work of the lymph nodes – and can even cause breast cancer.

Not a few also say sleep wearing a bra can make breasts more toned, but there is also an opinion that the bra can cause irritation of the breast.

According to Dr. Amber Guth, director of the Breast Cancer Surgery Multidisciplinary Fellowship at NYU Langone Medical Center, there is no medical certainty either in terms of the benefits or health risks of sleeping wearing a bra.

Pregnancy Sleep Bra

Pregnancy Sleep Bra

Sleep wearing a bra can provide comfort, but not a guarantee for breast can remain tight. Women who have large breasts tend to sleep with bras, as well as pregnant women because their breasts can grow to twice their normal size and are much heavier.

Really sleep wearing a bra at risk of breast cancer?

The idea that wearing a bra for more than eight to 12 hours in a day will weaken the breast tissue so the breasts will sag more quickly is not true. The relaxation or changes in breast shape are caused by a number of factors, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, the law of gravity, or signs of aging (reduced collagen production).

Deborah Axelrod, M.D, breast surgeon and associate professor of NYU Langone Medical Center, says that a brassiere bra or wearing a bra while sleeping will not increase your risk of breast cancer.

Rumors began around the 90s where a book author claims that wearing a tight bra every day (especially a wire bra) poses a higher risk of breast cancer.

He claims that by limiting the work of the lymphatic system (which eliminates toxins from the body), the bra can trap the toxins to stay in the breast tissue and cause cancer. However, until this time, no research or medical evidence can support such claims.

So, sleepwear bras maybe or not?

Guth says that, if you still want to wear a bra during sleep, choose a bra that is not too tight to limit or stop the blood circulation. There are a few things you need to remember. First, avoid hard and rigid bra models.

Wire bra can push the chest as you lie face down and rub the skin, causing irritation or possibly a cyst. Choose the type of bra made from soft and soft, like a sports bra, but do not be too stretchy or loose. A good sleeping bra not only gives you support, but it also does not stifle you.

However, if the routine of wearing your bra turns out to contribute to lymphatic blockage, you should be more observant in looking at other signs and symptoms, such as edema (accumulation of fluid in the breast), non-cancer breast changes, either the shape or size of the axillary lymph nodes.

This gland is in the armpit area and serves as the body’s first protection against any kind of infection, foreign material, and cancer cells.

Experts and researchers are still trying to investigate all possibilities related to the breast to molecular detail, what other factors that can predict or permissively develop breast cancer, but it is doubtful that external factors such as bras have a significant effect.

So far, there is no problem whether you choose to sleep with a bra or not. It’s just a matter of security and personal comfort to help you sleep better.

Benefits of Sleep Without Clothes For Pregnant Women

Benefits of Sleep Without Clothes For Pregnant Women

Benefits of Sleep Without Clothes For Pregnant Women

The health of pregnant women should always be considered to support the fetus that develops healthy as well. Mixed activity is done to keep the body healthy and fit during pregnancy.

What’s more, change hormones will make pregnant women vulnerable to stress and feel depressed so that activities can relax the body and make it comfortable very important.

Doing activities during pregnancy often cause fatigue especially pregnancy will make mother quickly feel tired. Under these conditions, the mother will choose sleep activity to be able to eliminate the fatigue.

It turns out, a unique way but less familiar to society can support the quality of life. This method is also very easy to do and does not require any energy, ie sleep without wearing clothes.

Sleep without wearing clothes turned out to provide many benefits. Not only for normal women, manual such benefits are also acceptable to the body of a pregnant woman naked. Some of these benefits are among:

Lowered the amount of cortisol

Cortisol is a compound that can interfere with sleep quality. Cold conditions in the body will lower sex cortisol and make sleep more comfortable because there is no interference.

Increases the absorption of nutrients

By removing all the clothing attached, the skin of a pregnant woman without clothes will be easier to absorb nutrients and increase metabolism. These conditions can also make the skin of pregnant women remain smooth.

In addition, pregnant women often get around the big body by using the right clothes for tet looks perfect. Psychologically, by removing clothes, pregnant women will be able to appreciate more his body.

Increases the release of hormones

Sleepless conditions will help release hormones that play a role in improving body health such as lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease, repairing tissues, forming and improve the immune system.

Various changes in the conditions experienced by pregnant women make them vulnerable disease, so making efforts to improve the immune system is a good choice.

Increases release of oxytocin

When pregnant women sleep with their husbands naked, skin contact will help release hormone oxytocin. This hormone will lead to feelings of happiness and satisfaction and decrease anxiety. The release of oxytocin can also provide a good environment for the fetus.

Warm the body

The opinion that the body will feel cold when sleeping in a condition without clothes turned out less precise curry sleep without wearing clothes will actually make the body feel warmer and can provide comfort.

Comfort for pregnant women is also an important thing. Comfortable conditions can be giving positive energy to the fetus. Benefits are apparently acceptable to the body when sleeping without wearing clothes.

Increase Kua sleep is one of the right ways to improve the quality of life. If sleeping without wearing mem clothes good for health, why not try to apply it? Because healthy, easy and fun, sleep without wear can be recommended for pregnant women during pregnancy.