Shampoo For Pregnancy

Shampoo For Pregnancy – Mom, in the beginning of pregnancy, have you ever wanted to relax for a moment and get a soothing hair treatment at the salon? It’s the same as I felt before, Mom. The symptoms of dizziness and nausea that I experienced at that time was quite draining the energy and mind, to make me crave the comfort of hair care in the salon.

However, what makes me a little hesitant, whether the hair care ingredients in the salon safe for pregnant women? I tried to ask at a pregnancy forum. Unexpectedly, I got many informative and helpful answers from mothers, even a doctor.

Actually, when pregnant, we can still maintain the appearance by doing maintenance at the salon. If you know what you can and do not, you can still maintain the beauty of hair. Well, here are the things you can consider before deciding to take care:

Shampoo For Pregnancy

Shampoo For Pregnancy

Hair Coloring

If you love hair coloring, you should stop this habit for a while during pregnancy. The chemicals contained in the hair dye are at risk of being absorbed by the scalp, entering the bloodstream, and may affect fetal growth in the womb. Instead, hold first your mother’s desire to do hair coloring for the sake of maintaining the health of Mom and also the Small, yes.


Hair care this one is always successful to restore the mood of the women. The good news, we still can do during pregnancy, Mom. However, be aware, it is recommended to ask a specialist the salon to use natural care products. In addition to being chemically free, a natural product can help keep hair out of damage. Oh yes, Mother can also ask the captain to do the message only on the shoulders and head to avoid the risks that can harm the fetus, ma’am.

Home Care

As a daily treatment, products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, or the use of curling-iron and hair dryer are safe for pregnant women. For the record, avoid the use of anti-dandruff shampoo that usually has a chemical content harder than other variants of shampoo.

In addition, the influence of hormones may make you unable to accept the smell of shampoo or other products that to sting. In order to avoid the symptoms of nausea and dizziness, switch to hair care products without fragrances.

That’s some hair care activities that should and should not be done during pregnancy. How, Mom? If you want to reassure what treatments are recommended and not recommended during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor, yes. If you have any other useful information, let’s share it here!

Here Is The List Of Anti Dandruff Shampoo For The Best Pregnant Moms Recommended

Shampoo For Pregnancy

Shampoo For Pregnancy

1. Green Angelica Hair Shampoo

Hair shampoo green angelica is a brand product of good shampoo brand for hair loss and dandruff. Shampoo to remove stubborn dandruff is made from natural ingredients consisting of Apple stem cell swiss, leaves, glutathione, and aloe vera.

Here’s a list of natural ingredients of green angelica shampoo that can regenerate your new hair.

APPLE STEM CELL SWISS: This natural material is the original green apple derived from swiss which is very beneficial for hair health and regenerates the hair root cells 10x faster.

LEAF ASHITABA KEISKEI: Leaves from Japan can cure various types of diseases, ranging from body or hair disease. Because this leaf contains a complete multi-vitamin, able to normalize the roots of the hair and stimulate new hair growth and maintain new hair roots energy.

GLUTATHIONE: As antioxidants and antitoxins are able to handle free radicals. So very rapidly regenerate new hair and overcome the scalp like rabbit dandruff and oily hair

ALOE VERA: Aloe vera extract has no doubt its efficacy to treat hair health. The content of vitamins and minerals keep hair condition, nourish hair, overcome hair loss, dandruff and oily and strengthen the new hair roots.

Green Angel Hair Hair Shampoo Function

-Finishing hair loss.
-Helps Eliminate dandruff and oily hair.
-Removing hair dry and expanding.
-As a hair loss treatment.
-Chapter Cells The dead scalp on the roots and the new hair shaft.
-Aman Without Side Effects due to Natural Composition
– Dandruff shampoo for men does not produce a lot of foam because it contains no detergent at all
Price anti-dandruff and good shampoo Rp. 150.000, –
Contents: 100ml / bottle (For Use – / + 1bulan)
BPOM NA18121002947

2. Emerson Dandruff Control

Not all shampoo to remove stubborn dandruff marketed will be able to finish your dandruff. Emerson Dandruff Control is present and indicates that the dandruff shampoo reviews. There is also an Amino Active Profit and ZPTO + Lime content that complements this severe dandruff shampoo.

3. Syoss Anti-Dandruff Control

Dizzy with severe dandruff to disturb your appearance? Try to use this shampoo regularly with Syoss Anti-Dandruff Control. Brand Shampoo to get rid of this one dandruff contains a powerful Zinc Pyrithione eradicate dandruff from the first time you apply it.

4. American Crew Men Trichology

Find a brand Shampoo treat dandruff? American Crew Men Trichology Anti-Dandruff. Dandruff shampoo for toddlers can be a viable solution to solve your difficult situation. Thus the brand of good dandruff shampoo contains the active ingredient Zinc Pyrithione to prevent itching and skin peeling effect of dandruff.

5. Clear Ice Cool Menthol

Can not be neglected that Clear also is a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo is quite well known on the TV screen Indonesia. Many of the most popular television purchased by consumers Clear Ice Cool Menthol option because this shampoo is formulated with Nutrium 10, which is a combination of 10 ie and herbal plant extracts.

6. Mane Tail Daily Control Anti Dandruff

For hair loss owners accompanied by dandruff and oily, Mane Tail Daily Control Anti Dandruff is a suitable shampoo brand for you to fit every day to resolve greasy hair and your dandruff hair. The main function of the dandruff remedy or the ultimate dandruff shampoo is the option of reducing itching and stopping severe dandruff.

7. Dove Dandruff Care

This time, Dove Shampoo For Dandruff Hair Loss is to center a shampoo brand for oily hair and dandruff. Through Dove Dandruff Care, Dove claims because dove can break stubborn dandruff and never go away you’ve tried various ways to the system with the example of child dandruff shampoo solve it.

8. AlfaParf Semi Di Lino Scalp Care Purifying

Quality AlfaParf Semi In Lino Scalp Care Purifying as child’s dandruff shampoo doubt no usefulness. This shampoo comes from an international brand that does not contain pomegranate extract very highly to clean oily hair and dandruff hair and reduce itching due to scalp peeling.

9. Rudy Hadisuwarno Dandruff Defense

Rudy Hadisuwarno re-produce a brand of the best dandruff shampoo is a powerful dandruff shampoo. Yes, Rudy Hadisuwarno Dandruff Defense shampoo options that you can match to solve the difficult situation of severe dandruff and start to interfere with your appearance.

10. Sebamed Anti Dandruff

Sebamed Anti Dandruff alternative Anti-dandruff shampoo and safe hair loss are daily because it contains pH 5.5 which is due to complete the scalp. This shampoo contains this detergent and alkaline can be for 10 consecutive days-used to solve very severe dandruff.

11. Clear Anti Hairfall

In addition to itching, dandruff can also result in hair loss. Clear as a well-known brand issued Shampoo for dandruff and dry hair for the umpteenth time issued a Clear Anti Hairfall variant. You need to be that this one product is not only powerful to eliminate dandruff is and cannot solve dandruff hair is severe, overcome also can stop the hair loss is.

12. Rejoice Shampoo 3 in 1 Anti Dandruff

Dandruff is caused due to the lack of proper shampoo and deserves the cause of his hair Terken dust, dirt, and factors. Not only interfere with the appearance alone, dandruff can also be itchy on the scalp. Therefore, Rejoice Shampoo 3 in 1 Anti Dandruff is present Best anti-dandruff shampoo to overcome dandruff solves eliminate itching in the scalp.

13. TRESemmé Scalp Care Shampoo

As many shampoo brands as well as by hairstylist, TRESEMME also focuses on new variants with powerful moderate dandruff shampoo. TRESEMME Scalp Care Shampoo comes with Vitamin E and Zinc Essence that serves to treat the scalp so it can prevent dandruff again.

14. Sunsilk Jilbab Recharge Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff shampoo shaping this one is also really great to finish dandruff. Large shampoo brand in Indonesia is carrying a series can, where it is a lot of Indonesian women’s headscarf that can. Is a good anti-dandruff shampoo, Anti Dandruff Shampoo is an anti-dandruff shampoo that we recommend.

15. Pantene Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Pantene also provides variants of dandruff shampoo for men, then Pantene Anti Dandruff Shampoo. This is a best-selling product from Pantene. Hair will be free of dandruff and is always healthy day. Pantene adds Zinc Pyrithione to this one product to prevent dandruff coming back into your hair.

It’s each of the List of Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Best Pregnant Mom and a partial product review of shampoo to get rid of dandruff and other hair loss that will help you to overcome your dandruff problem.

If you buy a shampoo to remove stubborn dandruff you can apply hair shampoo green angelica, because this shampoo is really powerful as a dandruff remover because it contains a good TV extract to treat your hair with dandruff.