Signs of Fetal Movement Before Give birth

Signs of Fetal Movement Before Give birth – In pregnant women most births start between the gestational age at week 39 and week 41, however preparations you should be able to do well in advance.

This is related to the condition of the birth of babies every pregnant woman very, one factor can be due to immediate treatment by medical experts due to abnormalities found in pregnant women and fetuses, or preterm labor.

Recognize the sign of your fetal movement before labor to prepare you for the birth of your baby. At 36 weeks of pregnancy, your fetus already has the size and maturity that is ready to be born.

The organs have been perfectly formed, including the kidneys, lungs and liver, the liver your baby has at 36 weeks has produced impurities. With the readiness of the organ that is owned by the baby, then your pregnancy is entering the preparatory week in the delivery.

The condition of the baby will continue to experience movement, especially in lung training in breathing preparedness after birth. At 37 weeks the baby will change the position in adjusting to the delivery to be faced, the fetal movement before delivery at the age of this week is marked with the baby down to the pelvis, normally the head will face the birth canal before delivery.

The next movement at this age is marked by a layer of fluff having hair loss and vernix caseosa (the layer that protects the baby in the womb) begins to disappear, the baby will swallow the two that affect the first blackish defecation.

By the age of pregnancy at week 38, pregnant women often experience contractions. In addition, the baby’s movement continues to grow, one of which is the condition of infants at this age is to increase the storage of fat to help condition the baby’s body maintained after the birth. Furthermore, at week 39 of the fetal movement is ready to face the birth canal, this week the clear amniotic fluid turns pale as milk.

Later in the final week as in the 40th week of gestation is characterized by increasingly narrow uterine conditions, in the last week, the baby in the womb will produce a hormone called the cortisone hormone of the adrenal gland, which helps in perfecting the lung organ and preparing air reception after birth.

In addition to the male reproductive organs of men, most of the tests have gone down while for the baby girl, the ovary is still on the edge of the pelvis as well as after birth.

Thus for those of you who enter pregnancy at the final age, the third trimester should always recognize the signs ahead of the coming birth. One of them pregnant women often experience pain in the groin due to the position of the fetal head has come down to the road of birth.

Furthermore, pregnant women often complain of pain in the pelvis and spine due to the shift and movement of the fetus. Pregnant women should know the original contractions before delivery, beginning with a strong contraction.

The last thing that makes your baby’s birthmark ever closer is the rupture of amniotic fluid. With the rupture of the membrane, the delivery process will be faster, the cervix will be suppressed by the baby’s head, thus stimulating and opening the release of prostaglandin in triggering contractions before the delivery you will face.