What’s The Best Pregnancy Test To Buy

What’s The Best Pregnancy Test To Buy – The potential for pregnancy can make you anxious and happy. Pregnancy test kits can help you find out whether it is pregnant or not. New technology allows you to do a pregnancy test before the menstrual period.

Pregnancy test kits work by detecting human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone, which is made after fertilization of eggs in the uterine wall. The timings of the menstrual cycle and personal budget determine how many assays need to be purchased.

What's The Best Pregnancy Test To Buy

What’s The Best Pregnancy Test To Buy

Choosing the Right Pregnancy Test Tool


Count the number of days to the estimated menstrual period. Determine your position in the menstrual cycle and how sensitive the test needs to be done. Have you passed the estimated date of your menstrual period or not? Some tests claim to be able to detect pregnancy for five days before the estimated date of menstruation.

However, studies suggest that few tests can detect pregnancy before the date of the estimate of menstruation consistently. False negative results are most likely to come out if tests are performed before the estimated date of menstruation. The test results will be 90% accurate if done at least one week after the first day of the menstrual period.


Know how to detect pregnancy tests. The pregnancy test label is based on its sensitivity in detecting the hCG hormone. If the test is done early, look for a test kit that can detect the urine of milli-international units per milliliter of the lowest hCG.

This unit is labeled with mlU / ml. For example, a 20mlU / ml detection test kit is more sensitive than 50mlU / ml. Therefore, if the test is done early, take a low mIU / ml detection rate.
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Choose between digital or traditional test kits. Digital test kits are easier to read because they will appear “pregnant” or “not pregnant” (not pregnant). Digital test kits are more expensive than traditional tools. Traditional test kits have strips that will appear one or two color lines. Generally, one line means not getting pregnant, and two lines mean getting pregnant.

Consider buying a digital test kit as a traditional backup tool (if you can not read the results of traditional test kits).



Find a place to buy a pregnancy test kit. If you have determined what type of test equipment to buy, look for the purchase location of the test kit. Usually, pregnancy test kits can be purchased at pharmacies, drug stores, supermarkets, etc.

Buy in stores around the neighborhood, if you feel comfortable. If not, buy in another environment. You can also purchase online testing tools to keep your confidentiality private. In addition, doctors also want to give you a pregnancy test. The pregnancy service center provides free pregnancy tests.


Compare the price. Visit a pharmacy and check out the internet tests to compare the price. The price of the test kit is very diverse, therefore if there is spare time, look at the prices.

Price certainly needs to be considered especially if the test will be done several times. In addition, generic branded tools have the same quality as the leading brands because they are made by the same company.


Determine how many tools to buy. Buy according to your budget and needs. At the very least, buy as many as two tools per purchase. One test kit as a backup if the other one is damaged.

Many people buy many tools at once so the results can be determined when the approximations of the menstrual period approach. In addition, if the test will be done daily or weekly because you are trying to get pregnant, buy some packs at a discount.


Check the expiration date. Make sure the pregnancy test kit is still good. If the test kit is near or past the expiration date, do not purchase it. It is important to use an unexpired test kit. If your unused test equipment is past its expiration date, discard it immediately.


Buy test kits. If you feel comfortable buying a test kit at the checkout, do it. In America, there is a shop that has a self-checkout system that the buyer “fixes” the groceries and pays for himself. Thus, no one else knows your grocery stuff. This system does not yet exist in Indonesia. However, you should not be ashamed to buy this tool, provided your age and marital status is appropriate.

If you still feel uncomfortable and embarrassed to buy a pregnancy test kit, ask a friend or relative to buy it. Make sure your friends or relatives really understand the details of the test equipment needed so as not to buy one. You can also visit a doctor and request a pregnancy test.


  1. If you are already in the menstrual cycle, the results of traditional pregnancy tests are quite accurate.
  2. If you are trying to get pregnant and know when the time of ovulation, a digital test kit can tell your pregnancy 5-6 days before the expected menstrual period.
  3. If you are confused read the test results, photograph the test results and show the doctor to interpret.